Have You Embraced Your Audaciously Savvy Business Woman (or Man)?

By Laura West, President and Chief Creative Officer of The Center for Joyful Business

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert


I am sitting at the helm of a workshop leading a group of women deeper into discovering more about their innermost passions, strengths and gifts and more importantly guiding them into claiming these precious jewels. The energy in the room is palpable…not a single tone but a mixture of waves of different rhythms …slow moving, tight & constricted waves, little bursts of sparks, and big rolling crescendos. I know these energetic waves by how they feel and we talk about them by the name of how we label them: fear, doubt, and stuck energies to hope, courage, and all out inspirational flow.

Some of the women are looking away in quiet resistance wondering if I will call on her next to step into her Audaciously Savvy Inner Business Woman. A couple of women are giving me quick glances and are starting to claim within themselves that it’s time to claim her beauty and brilliance. And then one looks up and looks directly at me. She knows it’s her time to claim her beauty even though no words have been spoken.

Your Audaciously Savvy Inner Business Woman. It is this inner wise place that is readily available to every one of us and yet we often resist or even fear embracing her. Why is that?

After coaching 1000’s of heart-based business owners I have found that it is usually less about fear of what you can’t do and more about the fear of what will happen if you are powerful and truly embrace your brilliance. To allow joy in and to let your joy out.

When your business is based on passion (and not just a market analysis) then you have your heart invested. This is what drives you to have a mission in your business to be of service and transform lives, and it’s also what holds you back from growing too big for fear your heart will be rejected. That somehow it’s not good enough or you aren’t suppose to shine that brightly.

The world needs for you to allow yourself to shine your light in a big way. Meaning that you claim your transformational impact on the clients around you. And, you have the courage to expand beyond your current level of knowledge, experience and income. You unapologetically embrace your joy and the gifts which only you can share in your unique way.

It’s vulnerable and scary. And it can be exhilarating and exciting!

I find that when a client finally gets her bigger deeper secret dream of sharing her gifts to help better people’s lives in her own unique way out there – she realizes how small she was playing before. She thinks, “No wonder I never got any traction. I wouldn’t let myself be inspired enough!”

It takes courage. It also takes the support of someone (or a group of someones) who believe in you.

Is it time to let your Audaciously Savvy Business Woman speak? Don’t let your expression of your purpose and creativity go unspoken. Find someone who can hold your vision with you and who can powerfully champion this wise woman. It can be a friend, a life partner, a coach or a mastermind (I always go for 4 out of 4!).

Dare to look up. Dare to say, “It’s my turn to speak!”

What step will you take today to stop resisting your business dream and take a baby step into the direction of claiming your powerful gifts and vision?

© Copyright 2013 Laura West

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