My Fave Mindset List

By Kendall Summerhawk, Million Dollar Marketing Coach

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert


You know this, right? That it isn’t just marketing that will make you successful in business.

If that were true, everyone would be a millionaire!

For women, if our inner truth isn’t in alignment with the outer actions we’re being advised to take, we’re going to stay stuck in neutral, never getting ahead no matter how much or how often we step on the gas.

Which leads me to mindset, because when you combine action with the proper mindset you’ll astonish yourself in how much you accomplish, how quickly you take action, and how courageous you immediately become.

Does it take just one mindset to get you on track? Will the mindset that works for you work for everyone else? What if you don’t totally “believe” in a mindset, will it still “work”?

Let me help you out and answer these questions, plus share with you a few of my favorite mindsets I’ve used to grow from a tiny startup to a multi 7-figure coaching company. I would love to hear from you which mindset YOU resonate with the most so be sure to post your comments on my blog.

First, does it take just one mindset to get you on track?

Rather than grabbing at any and every mindset you come across, I recommend selecting a few choice ones that work synergistically with each other and that support you in feeling powerful, no matter what.

Will the mindset that works for you work for everyone else?

Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on where YOU are in your life and business right now. I can always tell when I hear a mindset that works for me because I feel a “click”, like what I heard just clicked into place. In that moment I am able to see my situation in an entirely new light.

What if you don’t totally “believe” in a mindset, will it still “work”?

Actively rejecting a mindset is a clear signal of your unconscious belief system trying to keep you in a place of confusion. And any time you’re confused or unclear, you’re going to stay stuck.

My advice? If you hear a mindset that you want to believe, even though it doesn’t look of feel true for you in the moment, keep acting “as if” it IS true. I’ve used this technique many times and I’m always surprised at how quickly it becomes true.

Here are some of my favorite mindsets I’ve used:

  • It’s all good.
    Looking at the positive in every situation creates a habit of positivity. And a positive attitude can see you through any situation life or business throws at you.
  • Everything is an opportunity for a breakthrough.
    Stepping away from being a victim of fate or circumstance is one of the most empowering life lessons you can ever learn. Looking at everything as an opportunity for a breakthrough puts you in the power spot.
  • Money loves to be paid attention to.
    Embracing that you do have a relationship with money and choosing to empower this relationship with training, new skills, understanding and curiosity will lead you to creating profound personal growth and freedom.
  • Excuses are lies and I believe in personal honesty
    While it’s easy to hide out behind “I can’t because…” the truth is, statements like this are excuses created to keep you stuck in old patterns and not valuing yourself. They also prevent you from stepping into your sacred power as a confident woman. My choice? Skip the excuses and be honest with yourself and with others!
  • Spirit speaks louder than fear
    Rather than using fear as an indicator of whether I’m “supposed” to do something or not, I connect with spirit. That inner knowing will see me through fear and give me the courage to step forward powerfully as I continue to stretch and challenge myself every day.

© Copyright 2013 Kendall Summerhawk

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