It’s Personal

By Shannon Cherry, The Power Publicist: Creative Marketing and Public Relations Expert

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert


“Boy, you seem to be getting more tense,” said my massage therapist as she continued working my back.

“It’s the music,” I said, wincing at the woodland flutes playing in the background. “Do you have something else?”

“Not really. They all sound like this.”

“Can you turn it off?”

She was clearly shocked that music she deemed perfect for a massage would be so grating to me. But she did comply.

Ahh peace. The rumbling in her tummy was better than the music, and I started drifting into stress-free bliss.

It’s funny how we assume, isn’t it?

For the massage therapist, it was music.  For a coach, it could be how coaching should be delivered. For a business owner who creates a product, it could be just delivering video lesson instead of including written ones.

We do this a lot in our businesses. And frankly, it needs to stop.

People do not want to feel like they are like everyone else. (After all, we’re not!) They want to feel special. After all, making an investment is a personal decision.

So cookie cutter isn’t going to cut it. If you want to really stand out, it’s time to look at providing options (and I’m not just talking about payment options.)

For example, I’m breaking from the norm and offering private coaching that focuses on the client. They choose the amount of hours they want to invest with me, and they choose when they want to work with me.  I don’t promise to take them through a process, unless that’s what they want. What I promise is realistic results that are on their terms, not mine.  (You can find out more by shooting me an email at and get the information right away!)

It’s about each person and what they want. It’s what I expect as a customer and so it’s what I deliver.

© Copyright 2013 Shannon Cherry, APR, MA

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