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Collaboration between Solo Entrepreneurs can be a tricky business. Needs, expectations, working style -- all vary among individuals even when they are working together toward a common goal. If you have a long-term collaboration, you might consider a contract of some kind that spells out who does what, who gets what percent of the profits, etc.

A much better way, I think, is called a State of Grace Document. A SOGD honors the differences between collaborators and offers them a way to express how they'd like to work with one another -- and most importantly, what they will do if something starts going wrong. We use SOGDs with Team Solo-E, and have found them to be an enlightening and empowering tool. The website offers detailed instructions as well as a template and examples of how to proceed.

Turn retirement on its head when you visit this site. Perfect for those who believe their ability to have meaning, a sense of purpose about what they do, and a chance to make a positive difference in their community or the world, isn't diminished by their age!

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