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Free Search Engine Optimization Tools


Building and optimizing your static, dynamic and/or e-commerce website around search engines for organic search results is key to bringing you the targeted web traffic you desire without having to pay big dollars every month in advertising. Search engine optimization is a tool that allows small businesses to compete against larger businesses on the web. SEO also helps to drive traffic/sales without having to pay for clicks (like Paid Search). This is probably the most appealing aspect of SEO to the smaller companies, the fact that they can bring in traffic and sales without having to "pay" for it (this is somewhat relative of course, time does have a cost associated with it). And you can get it for FREE! If you have a website that you think could benefit from search engine optimization, you definitely have to check out this resource.

Formerly only available if you already had an AdWords account, this version doesn't require a login! It offers a number of great features helpful in finding the words *real* customers use when they are searching for your products and services.

A fabulous guide for those planning their first website, or getting started optimizing an existing site. It's not too long, easy to read, and includes great examples. It's not a replacement for hiring an SEO expert, but it gives you the basics and helps understand how SEO works, the lingo, etc.

Web traffic statistics on steroids! Dozens of reports on where your traffic is coming from, new vs. repeat visitors, top keywords, organic vs. paid search campaigns, and an overlay of what buttons/links on your page get the most clicks! You could spend hours perusing and analyzing the data. PLUS: set up a goal page (newsletter signup thank-you page; shopping cart receipt, etc.) and/or a visitor funnel and Google will track your conversion rates!

Find out what "crawling", "bots", and "PageRank" are all about; get help with common questions; and learn Google's Guidelines for Webmasters.

Want to quickly and easily figure out the best keywords for us in search engine optimization, article and press release writing, etc.? This is a handy little tool will show you how many times per day your keyword/phrase is searched for from both Wordtracker and Overture.

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