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Free Web Design Tools


The Sessions Color Calculator is an interactive color wheel that helps designers select HTML, RGB, or CMYK colors and identifies color harmonies and schemes. Our Color Wheel works faster than any other color wheel or html color chart. Designers may save HTML safe color values, CMYK color schemes, and RGB colors to an integrated clipboard and email the colors to colleagues or clients.Colors may be selected and applied to both print and Web design - the Sessions color wheel color calculator saves hours of work.

Free web training on some software programs, such as FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Word and Access. You can pay and get more selection--but you might find what you need in the free section!

Having troubles with how a page on your website is appearing in different browsers? This is an excellent free service for your webmaster -- or you, if you are managing our own website. The validator checks html code on an existing page, a file on your computer, or just cut and paste your code directly. The explanations of the errors are detailed and helpful in fixing your page.

If you do any of your own web design or maintenance for your site, you may be like me when it comes to CSS -- you know just enough to get by, but get flummoxed with alignment issues and cross-browser quirks. This excellent reference page points out many common web design issues and how to fix them. I was able to *finally* align the title of my categories with the little RSS icon, after many rounds of experimentation and exasperation! Definitely a link I'll be bookmarking!

No more need for confusing "image editing" software if all you need is to make your images bigger or smaller. Thanks to Sandra DeFreitas, the Tech Coach, for telling us about this handy site. Upload your digital picture in just about any format, use simple buttons to resize, crop, even rotate, and download the result. Very easy!

A free alternative if you don't need the power of DreamWeaver or Frontpage, NVu is a great alternative. Thanks to Susan Fuller and Jay Hamilton-Roth for this resource!

Want to learn basic HTML? Here is a nice tutorial, recommended by Linda Dessau. There is also a handy tool to let you practice your html skills by putting codes in the left window and seeing the results in the right window: HTML test tool.

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