Mistakes to Avoid When Holding a Holiday Sale

By Shannon Cherry, The Power Publicist: Creative Marketing and Public Relations Expert

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert


Having a sale during the holiday season (or heck, any time of year) is a great way to get a quick infusion of cash into your pocketbook. However, when done wrong, it can quickly turn into more of the nightmare before Christmas.  Here are some of the more common mistakes I see people make when holding their own quick sale:

1.  Spoiling the Reveal.

One mistake people often make with their quick sale is to put up the sales letter before the offer is available.  The element of surprise is part of the strategy. Since your readers are not expecting it, the surprise creates excitement and increases their likelihood to buy.  If you put up your sales page too soon, you will ruin that surprise element and give people time to compare and think it over.  For the best success, build anticipation and excitement without revealing the offer.

2.  Being Unprepared.

This seems simple but be very careful to have all of your proverbial “i’s dotted and t’s crossed”.  If you don’t you risk losing sales, appearing disorganized to purchasers and/or cause yourself a lot of undue stress. Any breakdown could potentially cause lose sales, keep your support desk busy or increased refund rates. If you use the templates and checklists I include in the S.A.L.E.S. System Formula, you will have ensured that nothing is left to chance.

3.  Failing to Create A Sense of Urgency.

It is important to create a sense of urgency and limited availability for your holiday sale to be successful.  Therefore, sending an out an email reminding your affliates and readers that the price is increasing, is critical and if you do not – you are losing money!  Attention is short and people’s inboxes are filled with a multitude of offers. You need to remind your people that this price is for a limited time and tell them when the price will increase.  One of your highest sales days will be the day that you remind your readers of the price increase.  Failure to do so will cost you sales.

4.  Overcharging.

It is important that you carefully price your quick sale product.  Overcharging will result in poor sales.  In order to really capture your readers attention and get them to buy, your price point has to so amazing that potential buyers don’t even stop to think.  Prospects immediately click the “buy now” button without hesitation or stopping to think if your offer is really a good value.  Quick sales are all about impulse purchases therefore pricing your product appropriately is critical to your success.

5.  Jumping on the Bandwagon.

Be careful about jumping to offer a sale just because you see other people doing it.  A planned approach that ties in with your values makes more sense than just going about it willy-nilly. FRankly, there are so many pieces and parts that need to be completed, it’s better to take the methodical approach which I share step-by step in the  S.A.L.E.S. System Formula.

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© Copyright 2011 Shannon Cherry, APR, MA

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