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How to Use Your Unique Message to Attract Your Favorite Clients

Your message is the key to attracting your ideal clients. In this free training by Cindy Schulson, you'll discover what to include in your message so that you stand out in an authentic way and inspire your favorite clients to work with you.

Offered By Cindy Schulson
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How To Build A Brand That Stands Out And Attracts Your Best Clients

There are THOUSANDS of coaches out there and more hanging their shingle every day. In order to cut through the noise and attract all of the clients your heart desires you need a stand out brand that positions you as the go to coach in your niche. In this 3 part complimentary training series Holly Chantal will share with you the steps to planning your stand out brand.

Offered By Holly Chantal
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Adventures in Visibility – Google Plus 101

Imagine this… your ideal client types your primary keyword into Google’s search box and your website shows up on the first page of the search results. Wouldn’t that be awesome? And better yet, five of the ten results are links to your blog posts and videos. Plus, each listing has your picture next to it! Your ideal client’s eye is drawn to your picture… she clicks on one of your links and lands on your website. That’s the ultimate in online visibility. That’s the power of Google Plus. This could be you with Denise Wakeman's Google Plus 101 training!

Offered By Denise Wakeman
Format/Delivery: 2 Trainings with immediate access, 2 Bonus Training Videos, Private G+ Community and more!

Short Copy Success Secrets

Tweets, email subject lines, headlines and other short copy are the first step in your marketing funnel. They don’t work alone. In a world where social media feeds scroll by in real time and inboxes are flooded with emails, your short copy has to stand out in order to work. That’s exactly why Karon Thackston & Christine Cobb of Online Copywriting 101 created “Short Copy Success Secrets: How to Write Captivating Tweets, Headlines, Bullets & More.

Offered By Karon Thackston
Format/Delivery: 60-Minute Video, Audio & Transcript & More

The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success: The Power Mindset

Get past your inner critic & unleash your super powers! Join Krista Martin in this free training, to learn how to powerfully move forward even when your Inner Critic doesn’t want you to. You can immediately implement these strategies with the included BONUS worksheet.

Offered By Krista Martin
Format/Delivery: Free instant access by e-mail.

Unlocking Your Time Wisdom With Three Simple Keys

Use three simple keys to access your immense time wisdom that’s just waiting to empower you and enrich your life! Paula Eder, PhD., "The Time Finder Expert," offers powerful tips to open doors, reveal pathways, unlock traps and find time for what matters most.

Offered By Paula Eder
Format/Delivery: Instant Video

The 6 Biggest Website Mistakes Business Owners Make

Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence, but many business owners struggle to attract traffic, subscribers and clients with theirs... in terms of opt-in, driving visitors away, navigation menu errors, and more.

Offered By Christine Gallagher

6 Ways to NOT Reinvent the Wheel in Your Business

To continue marketing and taking action in your business, repurpose your content, use a swipe file, figure out what has worked before, listen and pay attention, go back to your purpose, get help and support.

Offered By Christine Gallagher

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Apple

How come Apple consistently does well? They are killin’ it. And, as entrepreneurs, what can you learn from them to make your business even better? 3 things. That’s it. Watch Justin Krane's video to find out.

Offered By Justin Krane
Format/Delivery: Instant Video

How to Track Your Business Growth

Fabienne Fredrickson delivers valuable advice and recommendations for those who would like to track the growth of their business. She provides the tools necessary to begin basic tracking which will assist with making educated business decisions.

Offered By Fabienne Fredrickson

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