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How to Create Consistently High Income in Your Business Every Single Month

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Finally! No-fluff advice about how to create consistent income every month… and how to grow your income over time (without gimmicks or fads)

Smart, ambitious business owners—this is for you. Get off the “boom or bust” roller coaster of high income one month, and rubbing pennies together the next. Monica Shah teaches simple, proven tools and strategies to create consistently high income, month after month.

Monica’s classic step-by-step style makes ideas easy to put into action, with a single, elegant system for money management, marketing, sales. The skills and simple tools you’ll learn in the Cash Control program will help you stop “spinning your wheels”—and move forward faster in your business.

Isn’t time you were able to plan a vacation, six months ahead of time? How about pay all your bills off every single month? Yes, it’s possible to bring in consistently high income regularly. It’s not rocket science: it’s Cash Control.


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Monica Shah is an MBA, business professor, and business coach for women. She specialize in helping women double their incomes in 12 months or less and create six figures and beyond. With her Revenue Breakthrough Systems, women honor every role they play in their lives, while building thriving businesses. Check out her wildly popular free report: “Revenue Breakthrough: Doubling Your Income in the Next Six Months”. No matter where you are now, you’ll learn how to create a plan for a super-successful business that feeds your bank account and your soul. Get the free report here.

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