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My Biggest Internet Marketing Lesson From 2007
Terri Zwierzynski - The Solo-CEO: Content Marketing Strategist

MarketingSherpa recently asked its members for stories about significant marketing lessons learned in 2007. The results aren’t available yet, but I thought I’d share my own response with you.

The Power of Metrics
One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to increase Solo-E traffic, and thus subscribers. I’d noticed that many of my colleagues were focusing on search engine traffic; so, assuming this would also be a good strategy for me, I spent months learning and applying SEO tactics. The results were pretty successful — traffic increased 80% over a 6-month period.

By Terri Zwierzynski

Ready for a New Year? Start By Appreciating 2007
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If you want 2008 to be even better than this year then start by appreciating 2007! But I’m too busy to think about this! I beg you to find some time – even if it’s in the first week of the new year, find some time to look at the last year. Notice and appreciate where you have been. We are amazing people and we accomplish so much. We often overlook how amazing we are. Nothing will build your confidence more than to acknowledge and appreciate what you have now.

By Admin Text-Only Editing

Why radio advertising could be the best thing you ever did for your business
Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW) - Love-Based Biz Strategist and Copywriter

In the marketing world, radio has earned the reputation of being the odd step-cousin. You know the one. No one knows quite what to do with him. Especially at family gatherings when everyone tries hard to avoid sitting with him. (After all, who knows WHAT he’ll start talking about.)

Much of that reputation comes from radio being tough to track. On one hand, radio does work. Businesses do notice an increase in sales when they add radio to the mix. However, radio doesn’t test well. In surveys and other tracking methods, radio tends to be the one with the dismal scores.

A good friend of mine, who’s also a marketing consultant but before that she sold radio for many years, has a theory about that. She says

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

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