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“Celebrity with Integrity” Style in Action
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To be successful in your business you have to be willing to step up and be a leader.  Many people call this being a “celebrity” or a “rock star”…I fondly call it “Celebrity with Integrity.”

I know as a heart-centered entrepreneur you may not be comfortable with the idea of being a “celebrity” (and some of you are very comfortable so you’ve got that going for you!).  Many of us received messages when we were younger about “not hogging the spotlight”, “who do you think you are” and “being too big for your britches”. These were meant in kindness but now as a growing business owner holding on to those messages can keep you small and definitely keep your business from growing.

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A Surprising Reason Why Spending is Down
Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW) - Love-Based Biz Strategist and Copywriter

Between deadly pig flu, government bailouts and pirates, talking about the recession seems almost anticlimactic – nevertheless I wanted to share something I learned from Dan Kennedy at the Super Conference.

Dan had a special session about Recession Rescue, which included a bunch of good info about thriving during this time (I’ll be sharing more in later posts). He had an interesting point I wanted to talk about today:

One of the main reasons why spending is down is because businesses have stopped asking for the sale.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

Stop Complaining, Get Busy
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

One of my good friends in Tucson is an artist by the name of Stephen Derks.  He is very passionate about his work, loves what he does, and works more diligently at marketing his business than most folks I know.

I met up with Stephen the other day for lunch and the first question I asked was “how’s the art business in this economic climate?” And I was surprised at his initial response, “I’m selling more work than ever.” But then understood completely when he said, “but that’s because I’m marketing myself at least
3 hours a day, sometimes more.”

By Marty Marsh

Find Time for Retweetist, Backtweets, and Repeets on Cyber Monday
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Are you finding time for getting your week off to a good start this Cyber Monday?  I hope so!

I’ve got three Twitter tools to share with you today. They can all help you monitor Retweets and links.  Basically, they’ll help you know how people are responding to your tweets and to any links that you share in your Twitter feed.  They also can help keep you abreast of trending topics on Twitter.

The first tool is called backtweets. What this Twitter tool tracks are links that are shared on Twitter. You can type in any link you want, and backtweets will show you all the tweets in which that link appears, starting with the most recent. If you want to see whether other people are linking to your site or your blog posts, this is a great tool to use. You can use it to check other people’s links as well – or to view popular topics.

By Paula Eder

Marketing Mess of the Week: Hotel Horrors
Sandra P. Martini - Business Growth & Marketing Expert

I travelled to Anaheim, California last week for Adam Urbanski’s Info Profit Success 2009 workshop (which was FABULOUS, by the way) and, due to our primary hotel being overbooked, had to spend my first night at another hotel.

Ideal?  No, but it happens and I’d just have to switch hotels in the morning (they’re all within walking distance so not a big deal).

So what happened?

There were several issues with the first hotel (the second, primary hotel was the Marriott and they were great!):

By Sandra P. Martini

Align your Soul’s Divine Purpose™
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Did you know that behind every marketing challenge is an opportunity to align your Soul’s Divine Purpose™ with your business goals? That’s because how much you grow your business is always a reflection of how much you grow yourself.

For example, small list size often reflects fear of not being wanted, fear of rejection or fear of not being good enough.

Or take staying stuck at your same income level for two years or more (or worse, watching your income drop). That often indicates hiding your message from the world, playing small or fear of stepping into the spotlight (again, often a fear of not being good enough).

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Why Do You Want More Visibility?
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If you ask businesses and entrepreneurs if they’d like a higher level of visibility, most will answer with a resounding YES.

Right now, getting signed up on as many social networking sites as possible is being confused with a visibility plan. Not unlike the myth that 1000 friends on Facebook will somehow solve all your marketing problems, just having a profile isn’t going to do any magic.

There’s nothing wrong with signing up on several sites and learning as you go along, but it’s more important than ever to understand your reasons for showing up.

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Humble Pie
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Oh yummy, a nice big slice of humble pie dished up for me by the kind editors of Inc Magazine and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone!

What can I say, I gave up wheat in January and the detox process may have impaired my good judgment when it comes to thinking before spewing off my opinion in a snarky tirade.

It all began with an intense back and forth with the Tweeples on proper Twitter terminology.

We Tweet… or do we Twitter?

Are you Tweeting… or are you Twittering?

Maybe you’re rolling your eyes wondering “Who cares?” but it REALLY mattered to me one day in March as I was reading a short article in Inc Magazine titled “We Asked, You Twittered”.

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Abundance and Prosperity
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Being abundant and prosperous is so much more than just about having money or wealth. It’s about being in a place where your energy allows you to receive money and wealth, if that’s your true focus. Money, like love, friendship and success can work for and against a situation. It’s not about whether having money is “evil” or wanting money is “dangerous”, any more than fire is only evil or dangerous, despite the fact that we can cook things with fire, or create heat with fire. There are two sides to every coin and perception and belief are the keys to how the reality unfolds.

Samantha and Alex are newlyweds. They are madly in love, but complete opposites. Samantha is an early riser and Alex is a serious night owl. Samantha drinks coffee, Alex prefers tea. Samantha is an avid reader and Alex gets news from the television or the internet. Their biggest difference concerns money. Samantha hoards money to the point of making Scrooge seem like a philanthropist, while Alex spends money like it was an Olympic event.

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Find Time for Yourself Every Month
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Rejuvenating your mind and body improves your overall effectiveness.


Set aside one day a month as a “vacation” day and mark it on your calendar. Use it any way you choose in the moment.

I can hear the rumblings of disbelief even as I finish typing the Finding Time Tip for this morning.  A whole day? Every month?

This is a tip that tests your assertiveness, your time boundaries, your self discipline and, perhaps most of all, your feelings about taking care of yourself.  Is self care even on your radar?

By Paula Eder

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