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Law of Attraction Marketing – Attract Your Ideal Clients When You Embrace Your Inner Helping Guru
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As a solo coach building your practice, reaching the right people is about discovering your gift and embracing that it is a gift, it is not something you do, it is not your profession or your title.

One of the concepts I teach is that marketing is a moral obligation. When I say this people kind of scratch their heads and ask, “Marketing is a moral obligation?”

It really is. If you get clear about two things:

  • What your gift is
  • Who needs you most

If you don’t market to that group of people, share what you have available, share how you can help them, solve problems, and support them and benefit them, you are really not fulfilling your moral obligation.

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Make An Appointment With Yourself
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

If you want to fill your business with customers and clients you absolutely MUST make marketing a priority. There’s simply no way around it.

Try this: For the next month, set aside at least 4 hours of every working day to devote to marketing your business. Use this time to write, to plan, to prepare ezines, to make appointments. Whatever you choose as your marketing focus should be done during this time.

Put this in your planner as an appointment with yourself and then honor it. Most of us are pretty good at honoring our commitments to others but pretty lousy about keeping those commitments we make to ourselves.

By Marty Marsh

Authentic Marketing – One Coach’s Story From Confusion to Clarity
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I started coaching about two years ago as a result of wanting to do something new and different. I had thought that I was going to get my doctorate in psychology, but I quickly learned that that was a terrible mistake – not because someone shouldn’t be a psychologist, but I would not be a great psychologist.

Then I found coaching and fell in love with coaching immediately. I hired a wonderful coach and knew this was for me. I went through a coach training program through Coach U and started my own business.

In about nine or ten months I had what would be considered a full practice, about 30 clients or more. Then in about 15 months or so it was a six-figure business. Now we’re on the way to doubling that business this year.

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Help More People and Make More Money with Authentic Marketing
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I want to share a little bit with you about myself and my journey to helpingpreneurship.

I had worked in Broadway theater for many years, about seven years, when I was looking at something different to do with my life. I had looked at becoming a therapist, and many different avenues. To make a long story short, I came to coaching and I fell in love. I knew that this was my passion place. I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life and I began coaching.

I came to a decision fairly early on, although I didn’t know exactly what it looked like yet, that I had to bring me into the business. I had to be authentic. I could not go on with this marketing hardcore as usual, using all of the tactics and tools and techniques that everyone was telling me to use. They didn’t feel natural to me. They didn’t feel authentic. So I began to just slowly put myself back in the business.

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Be Authentic
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I had an “authenticity appreciation” moment earlier today. I was invited to attend a special event where others in my field of marketing, coaching and information marketing would share why their businesses are down and swap ideas on how to bring their numbers back up.

Problem is, my business is the best it’s every been. Likewise with many of my clients, who are surpassing their Bold Mo’ney Goals every month. Could I honestly and in good faith share how things are NOT working, when in truth, they are, and with growing success?

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Hello? It’s Still NOT About the Numbers
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I can say “Social networking success is NOT just about numbers” and people will nod their heads, saying “yeah, yeah, yeah”, then they turn around and do stupid things to get huge numbers.

Sure, it must feel good to brag about having 10,000 followers on Twitter but if those followers aren’t matched to what you offer, then you’re just socializing… not doing business.

Social media marketing is NOT direct mail marketing, but when you focus only on numbers you’re imitating that strategy.

Find out how to make your numbers work for you by reading this latest post from the Viva Visibility Blog:

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Be Yourself and Let Your Integrity Work for You
Marnie Pehrson - Bestselling Author, Business & Marketing Consultant

Be You! Who you are at the core is beautiful, perfect, and divine. Let the “gunk” fall away and be the perfect you. In this video, Lisa Rae Preston and I discuss how being who you are will attract to you the right people who belong in your life . . . customers, friends, associates, etc.

By Marnie Pehrson

Make Time For Marketing
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

One of the first questions Soul Proprietors ask me all the time is “How much time should I be spending on marketing my business?” They nearly fall over when I tell them “at least four hours a day.”

“Four hours?? You’ve got to be nuts,” they say, “I can’t get everything done now as it is!”

“How many clients do you have now?” I ask.

“Well, er, none, right now,” they say.

“Then, obviously, you aren’t spending enough time on marketing.”

This conversation usually goes on and I eventually discover that the new business owner is spending a lot of time fixing up the office, running out to the store, setting up their bookkeeping, calling friends on the phone — just about anything but marketing. It goes on and on like that and they always plan “to get around to the marketing part soon.”

By Marty Marsh

Find Time to Deal with Disaster
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time to deal with disaster is not a subject that we relish writing about – but it’s something we all need to be prepared for.  And it’s something we have been learning about firsthand here at Finding Time, LLC!

As you’ll notice, if you click on the link for Finding Time, LLC, it goes nowhere.  That is because last week our site ‘disappeared’ along with our mailing lists, auto-responders – much of the infrastructure of Finding Time!  This all occurred with no explanation and no notice – and we have yet to hear anything from our hosting company.  We don’t know what happened to them, as their site ‘disappeared,’ too.

By Paula Eder

5 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Business for Successful Business Growth
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Let me share a secret with you that many successful online solopreneurs already know – you have to manage your business before you can market your business, and if you’ve been with me for a while you’ve no doubt heard me say this many times!

So, if you can answer YES to at least ONE of these questions then you know you are not effectively managing your business:

  • Do you feel overwhelmed at the start of each day – you don’t know what to do first?
  • At the end of each day do you feel like you’ve achieved nothing, yet you’ve been ‘busy’ all day?
  • Do you find projects/clients are falling through the cracks?

These are some of the classic signs of a LACK of systems – you’re not effectively managing you business so how can you effectively market your business? You don’t have your core systems in place and your business is running you when it should be you running your business!

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