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Choose Your Friends Wisely
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As individuals concerned about quality of life and the environment, I am sure that you frequently consider how the environment affects your well-being. Asking questions about what is being spewed into the air that is breathed, dumped into the water what is drunk, or absorbed into the food that is eaten has become commonplace. What about your social environment? It has just as much of an impact on your life, and in most cases the effects are more readily felt than those which we consider to be the outside environment.

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What To Do When The Phone Rings
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

Congratulations! You’ve been consistently and diligently marketing your business and the long awaited moment finally arrives: the phone rings!

Someone is calling to make a connection with you and to inquire about your services and how you might work together.

This is not the time to be unprepared but so many Soul Proprietors are. They do all the work to get that phone to ring and then forget to plan for when it does.

So, before that phone rings, you want to have planned out your sales process. If you’ve done this in advance and know what you are offering because you?ve really put some thought into it, you?ll come across as confident, competent and that you are the expert you have been claiming to be.

By Marty Marsh

Get Organized to Get Clients
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This article has been inspired by one of the respondents to my recent survey who commented “I need clients not organization”.  This particular comment really stuck out for me because I feel that a lot of business owners become so focused on getting the clients that they really don’t understand being more organized means getting more clients, and therefore do not put in place the foundational pieces that will allow their business to grow.

You will probably have heard me say before that you need to “manage” your business before you can “market” your business, or to take what this respondent said and turn it on it’s head:

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Smart Clients Are The Best Clients
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

If you take the time to educate your prospects ahead of time, once they become an actual client, they’ll be your BEST clients.

You may be in a profession that you think people will recognize clearly what you are offering just by simply rattling off your job title. Lawyers, Chiropractors, Coaches, and Accountants come to mind.

But if you are a lawyer, a chiropractor, a coach, or an accountant, or whatever you are, do your prospects REALLY know what it is that you do, the problems you solve, and the benefits you offer to those that work with you?

By Marty Marsh

Effectively Utilize Outlook to Increase Productivity and Save Time with These 5 Simple Tips
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I’m a die-hard Outlook fan.  I’ve tried many email and contact management systems over the years, but keep coming back to this one tool.  Why?

Because it does everything that I could possibly need in order to effectively run my business.  It’s my:

  • Email manager
  • Contact manager
  • Calendar planner
  • Task scheduler
  • Notes space

In short, it’s my command central for running my business.

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Find Time by Knowing You Have (and ARE) Enough!
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

The other day on The Time Finder I wrote about the amazing impact that the Attitude of Gratitude can have on each and every moment of our lives.  If you have felt its effect, you know what a deepening and expansive experience readers like Ellene, Vanessa and Alison are speaking about when they highlight the transforming power of thankfulness!

Today, let’s focus on another place where you can make time choices that will create life-enhancing energy for yourself.  We’ll explore how you can create personal sanctuaries in your life and replenish yourself with solitude.

By Paula Eder

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There it is again. That word: Courage. I love the word because it means “of the heart,” which is what we women in business are all about.

It came up in a conversation last week. Someone remarked how I have a lot of courage when it comes to business and mo’ney. I had to agree with them, though I chuckled to myself as I did so.

Reason is, women tell themselves they don’t have courage just because they feel afraid. Ladies, let me tell you…I’m afraid all of the time, seriously!

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Cinnamon Rolls, Breast Cancer and Your Business — How Doing Good Can Grow Your Business
Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW) - Love-Based Biz Strategist and Copywriter

It can make good marketing sense to partner with a nonprofit or a cause.

Consider what my marathon friends did when they were raising money to participate in the 3-Day Walk (you walk 60 miles in 3 days to promote breast cancer awareness and raise money for research). They approached a local restaurant called Backburner, which was famous for their cinnamon rolls. For a week, every time someone bought a cinnamon roll, they donated $1 to my friends for their walk.

I personally hadn’t heard of the restaurant, but when I found this out, my husband and I went and had breakfast there (complete with a cinnamon roll of course!)

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

Facebook Event Spam: Please, Please Stop!
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Facebook Events is a function on Facebook where you can create an invitation to an event, then share that invitation with your entire network. Sounds innocent enough until people with no consideration step into the scene and turn it into a spam-fest.

Here is what’s happening:

People create events on Facebook- a common example would be for a teleseminar. They invite everyone on their list and those invited get the chance to RSVP that Yes, No, or Maybe they’ll attend.

The event organizer now has the ability to segment the messages they send out based on how people RSVP.

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Clear Only If Known
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

A few days ago we took a side trip to find an RV Park we had heard about in a very remote location in Canada.

Since our GPS couldn’t seem to find the location for us, we contacted the park owner and he promptly emailed us the directions to get there.

His directions had three parts: traveling east from Vancouver, or traveling west from beyond or coming up from the south. Easy enough, we were traveling east so we followed those directions. Or at least we tried to.

When we got to where we thought we were supposed to turn, his description of the exit — no exit number mind you — did not match what he had written. So thinking it would be the next exit, we kept going. And going, and going until we realized we had surely gone too far.

By Marty Marsh

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