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You Were Born to Create!
Marnie Pehrson - Bestselling Author, Business & Marketing Consultant

I love this video on our divine ability and wish to create something that did not exist before… Powerful!

By Marnie Pehrson

Find Time to Renew Yourself With the Attitude of Gratitude
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time for what matters most can be a big challenge sometimes, can’t it?  What gets in the way for you?  Do you occasionally feel:

* Overwhelmed by the number of tasks on your to do list?

* Distracted, discouraged and depleted because of the many people in your life who need or want or expect you to attend to one thing or another?

* Frustrated that your big, cherished goals seem to be hovering always just beyond your reach?

Well, I want to let you know that finding time to renew your energy and refresh your perspective is never more than a few moments of gratitude away.  Indeed, exploring the attitude of gratitude is one of the most powerful and transformative time choices that you can make for yourself.

By Paula Eder

It’s time to Think and Grow Rich… Again!
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As many of you know, out of the great depression came an Inspirational classic called:

Think and Grow Rich that taught our nation one simple message: What ever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve!

From this attitude, legendary empires were created. Fast forward to today’s economic challenges, where the text reemerges with a fresh new team reminding us…

Our greatest success will come just one step away from our greatest failure. ~Napoleon Hill

With honor, I would like to introduce a project that I am personally involved with:

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The Importance of Authentic Marketing for Your Coaching Business
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Many wonderfully trained coaches struggle to build their businesses. A lot of them seek out marketing guidance and find it, but then feel out of alignment with the advice and end up stuck in values conflicts.

This is where authentic marketing becomes necessary. We can help more people when we make more money and when we are successful coaches, not just good coaches.

Let me give you a bit of insight into my story. I decided to become a coach a little over two years ago. I did my coach training through Coach U and started as a life and career coach simultaneously with my coach training.

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Survey Says: YES They’ll Buy From You!
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Over the years I’ve had great conversations with clients and colleagues on the neverending question: “How do I get people to buy from me?”

It’s heartbreaking when you take the time to create an incredible program, product, event, or service then no one buys it. I’ve experienced it plenty of times as have some of the biggest and brightest stars in business.

It all sounds good on paper, it looks really groovy on your vision board, and your friends keep telling you it’s amazing… but no one responds.

It sucks, plain and simple.  What happened, you ask yourself as you reflect back on where the breakdown occurred.

Maybe you didn’t ask if this was what people wanted.

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Lead, Follow Or Get Out The Way
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

In my RV travels around the country, I’ve seen that phrase on a bumper sticker more times than I can count, and while I can appreciate the amusing sentiment directed at other drivers, the same philosophy can apply to your business and marketing efforts.

I’m sure you’ve heard many, many times someone ask you that if you needed brain surgery, would you go to your general medical practitioner or would you seek out the best brain surgeon money could by?

The answer, of course, is obvious, and while you may not be doing brain surgery, what you offer in your business is just as important to the person who has the very problem you can solve. They want you to be good at it. No, they want you to be an EXPERT at it.

By Marty Marsh

What Business Are You Really In? – The Energy Management Business
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Ever get a great idea, and then you are flying high with inspiration and possibilities? You outline your idea, you mind map it, you buy books on the subject, you easily draft up copy for an email campaign… you take a few steps, and then you share it with a few people close to you and… Bam! You hear “How will you do that?” “I don’t get it…” “Someone else I know has done something similar…”

Next thing you know, your inspired actions have turned to staring at the computer and aimlessly reading tweets.

Then your own psyche joins in the game and pipes up. “You’ve never done anything like that. What makes you think you can do it? Last time you tried a campaign, you didn’t get very many people signing up. Your message isn’t clear enough. Your list isn’t big enough…” Not enough, not enough, not enough…

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A Lull in Business is an Opportunity to Look Within
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The outside of our business often has an uncanny ability to mirror what’s up for us on the inside.

That’s why, any time my business experiences a lull I immediately see the truth of what it is: an opportunity for a breakthrough. Typically, that breakthrough involves mo’ney. Reason is, many of us carry around mistaken ideas about how making and keeping more mo’ney will change us and we fear that change won’t be for the better.

So, when there’s a lull in my business that lasts beyond a few days, my first step is to realign myself with my Bold Mo’ney Goal. Questions to ask are, is your Bold Mo’ney Goal big enough? Does it still hold meaning and significance for you? Are you passionately connected to the bigger “why” of what the mo’ney is for? And even more importantly, by creating a breakthrough with mo’ney, which belief are you challenging?

Having the courage to answer these questions quickly and honestly will help you get your business out of any slump you find it in.

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How to Create a Survey Using Survey Monkey: All You Have To Do is Ask
Sandra P. Martini - Business Growth & Marketing Expert

Have you been thinking about sending a survey to your list, but not quite sure how to go about it?

Unsure of the types of questions to ask or even what you’ll get from the survey?

Not sure how to ask people to fill out your survey when you know how busy they are?

Great News! I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to creating surveys using Survey Monkey – we even walk through a sample survey and have screenshots to guide you every step of the way!

This digital guide isn’t meant to languish in your computer’s hard drive forever – it’s designed to have you sending out a survey TODAY!

By Sandra P. Martini

Building Your Coaching Business: Are You In a Practice or a Business?
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As a coach, when you talk about “your practice”, it has a definition and an insinuation of one-on-one coaching. It is important to build coaching businesses that aren’t solely based on one-on-one coaching. Certainly one-on-one coaching is a component – and for some people a very large component – of their coaching business, but you cannot build a successful business when only offering one-on-one coaching.

Here are the challenges with businesses that are only one-on-one coaching: when you only build a coaching practice, it means that the only money you can earn is when you are present.

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