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Does Your Business Need a Reality Check?
Sandra P. Martini - Business Growth & Marketing Expert

During a consultation last week, I was speaking with a 5-figure business owner who wanted to make $150,000 this year.



Doable with the plan she had?

Absolutely not.

So many business owners create good solid goals and then take haphazard action, constantly led astray by another bright shiny object or thinking the Law of Attraction will deliver it all to them.

The “reality check”?

It’s a combination of taking the RIGHT action in the RIGHT way at the RIGHT time WHILE maintaining a positive and abundant mindset that will propel you forward to your goals.

By Sandra P. Martini

Raise Your Standards
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Every time you increase your standards you raise your ability to have more of what you want in your life. Women business owners put up with too low of standards regarding how much mo.ney they make, how they allow their clients and their team to treat them, how much they’re paid, low volume of how many people sign up for their programs or buy their products…you name it!

Here’s the thing: just because you’ve experienced certain numbers in the past doesn’t mean those are the numbers you have to live with. For example: if you’re used to only having a certain number of people register for your preview teleseminars, what would have to be true for you to have double that amount? What would have to be true for you to triple that number?

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Sometimes You Just Have to Say “Happy Birthday”
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I still snicker when someone bemoans the day to day interactions on Facebook or Twitter as “trivial”. Granted, you shouldn’t be wasting your time engaged in useless conversations, but there’s a lot of power in one important day:


It can be overwhelming to a lot of people on Facebook to go to their wall and see hundreds of birthday comments, but it’s such a big icebreaker it’s worth wading through the Blingee cards to find the gold.

Here’s a great tip:

Watch for upcoming birthdays on Facebook. Follow up with people a couple days later and just ask how their birthday was. Usually the day before, the day of, and the day after a birthday are inundated with greetings so time yours for a couple days after.

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Business Goddess Marketing Tip #4: How To Really Attract Clients Who Want to Work With You
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Today’s Business Goddess Audio Marketing Tip is about how to really attract clients who want to work with you.

Business Goddess Marketing is not just about the actions you take, but connecting to that deeper power inside that leads great marketing actions.

To listen now, visit

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How to Create a Sales Policy That is Fair to ALL of Your Clients
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When you start developing your multiple streams of income business by adding products and programs which are available on your website, there’s a very specific policy you need to have in place … and that is a clearly defined Sales Policy.

Before we get into what this is about and why you need it, let me just take a minute to ask you how you would handle the following scenarios:

  • You offer a discount to prospective clients of either a dollar amount or percentage off the price of your product/program if they purchase before a certain date.  A client comes to you after the deadline and says they didn’t read your email in time, can they still receive the discount?  What do you say?
  • You are offering quite an expensive program so decide to make things easier on your clients by offering a payment plan.  Part way through the payment plan one of your client’s credit cards gets declined.  What do you do?
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Find Time to Understand Twitter’s @Reply Feature
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time to make the most of Twitter is something that many readers of The Time Finder have expressed an interest in.

That’s why, this morning, I’d like to explore the confusion that continues to exist about the way the @reply works on Twitter.  It used to be that the @reply was an easy way to communicate with folks in your Twitter stream.  You could think of it as a public version of the DM (Direct Message).  Using this (old) feature, tweeps were able to see all @replies on the page of someone they were following, regardless of whether they were friends with the person who was receiving the @reply.

By Paula Eder

Coming Undone Is a Good Thing
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Do you remember the saying, ‘everything I needed to know about life I learned in kindergarten?’ Well, I won’t say everything, but definitely a few really key lessons can be learned from the five and under set. One of the most important ones is the wide-eyed wonder and delight that children seem to be able to find in almost everything, every minute of every day, day after day. As adults we often do not appreciate the enormity of this wide-eyed sense of adventure. In fact we often find it tiresome, but take a moment to truly ponder what it would be like to look forward to each and every day with so much excitement that sleep is like punishment. Can you imagine how different your days would become?

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On the Road with Marty in Saguaro National Park
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

“That which grows fast withers as rapidly; that which grows slowly endures.” — J.S. Holland

A short video about growing your business a little more slowly.

By Marty Marsh

The Difference Between What You Have Now and What You Want
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The difference between what you have now and what you want is simply deciding that what you want CAN be part of your life. The problem for most people is they don’t believe they can have what they want simply because that’s not what they’re experiencing right now.

The key is to focus your energy, your vision, your beliefs and actions on what you DO want. This isn’t just visualization or intentioning It’s more powerful than that because you’re beginning to act from the place of already having what you want.

For example, when Richard and I decided to buy property and build a new house I learned the ins and outs of buying land versus buying an already made house. I learned what areas I wanted to live in. I learned about zoning for horses and what the county rules were.

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Right? Left? Why BOTH Sides of Your Brain are Critical to Business Success
Sandra P. Martini - Business Growth & Marketing Expert

After chatting with a colleague for about 30 minutes last week, he said to me “Thanks for this call — I feel like both my left and right brains were satisfied.”

I laughed, told him that I felt the exact same way and forgot about it until walking the dogs this morning.

It dawned on me then that one of the secrets of success is to be able to tap into both sides of our brain as needed.

And while I generally think of myself as “left brained”, that’s not entirely true and the same goes for those who believe themselves to be largely “right brained”.

For example…
When creating a new product or program launch, we need to access our right (creative) brains to come up with compelling offers, offers that stand out from what everyone else is doing.
Once the initial launch is over, we need to access our left (analytical) brains to determine if it was successful, where we can improve, etc.

By Sandra P. Martini

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