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Do “Magic Pill” Solutions REALLY Work?
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Struggling entrepreneurs, when feeling frustrated enough, will enthusiastically jump on a “magic pill” solution that presents itself as the be-all, end all solution to stagnant sales.
It’s often presented as a single tactic by someone with enormous success and the premise is that if they can do it, so can you.

I addressed this in a November 2009 blog post when I had the realization that the “fitness hoop” I purchased from my cardio-salsa teacher wasn’t the only secret behind her six pack abs. “I just hoop 15 minutes a day and look at me!”, she’d exclaim. But she didn’t mention she also taught 7 aerobics classes a week AND a class on awesome abs.

Each of the marketing tactics listed below are awesome, but proceed with caution if you think any one thing will solve all your problems:

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Summertime… and Business Ain’t so Easy
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

Summer’s coming. For many of us, we can say that with an emphatic “finally!”

One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that most business owners buy into the myth – and yes, it IS a myth – that their business is going to be slower in the summer.

Once they get that notion into their heads, it’s pretty much a self-fulfilling prophecy. They stop sending ezines and newsletters. They stop making calls. They stop going to networking events. They just stop doing any kind of marketing, period.

The only good thing about this is that that is exactly what your competitors are likely to be doing. So if you kick up your marketing, if you plan for a busy summer, if you put your message out there consistently that you’re available and ready to solve problems, chances are, you’ll attract a lot of business. And you’ll likely have a big wide open door because you’re probably going to be the only one in your profession out there asking for the business.

By Marty Marsh

Just Let Go
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If you are like me, as a woman entrepreneur I know there are times in your business or in your life when you get yourself in a bunch, you  start going in circles, chasing your tail, second guessing, doubting…. It still happens to me but with practice it doesn’t happen as much  anymore.  I can get myself out of the “tailspin” quicker and usually with more grace.

There are times where people have told me over the years. “Laura, just let go.”  Let go.  Let go and what?  Note:  If someone is telling you to let go – that means you are holding on tight.  It can be hard to just let go.  There needs to be a second part to “let go and ….”.   And then what do I do? (I know, you enlightened souls will say…let go and just be….but sometimes when you’re “in it” you need a more specific redirect).

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What Habits are You Releasing?
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This birthday wasn’t one of those “whatever” number years; it was one of those BIG number years. Which explains why, since last Sunday I feel like I’m entering more than just a new decade, but also into a whole new version of myself.

As a birthday gift to myself I decided to let go of three habits that feel old…and claim three NEW habits that support the fresh, new. While I could keep these quiet to myself, I know that by revealing them here, for all of the world to see, I’m more likely to take them seriously, own them and live them. So here goes:

The three old habits I’m releasing are:

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Do What You Love
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Love and Passion … are two words that bring to mind deep feelings for something or someone. For instance, the type of feelings that begins in the pit of your stomach and radiate outward, exuding brilliance, warmth, and joy. Do these words represent how you feel about your job and or position in life? The majority of the population, two-thirds in fact, is always seeking new employment. Which means that at any given time 67of the United States population is experiencing job dissatisfaction, and all of the baggage that accompanies this epidemic.

How does one find a job, career, or lifestyle that they are passionate about and would love to live? It begins by looking within. Sometimes the paths that are chosen are not a reflection of who we are, but of circumstance. Take Genie for instance. She works in one of the largest financial districts in the world, makes a fantastic salary, but is quite unhappy. While in college she was torn between becoming a business major or music major. Sadly, the choice was made for her when her parents decided that they would not pay for her education if she pursued a music curriculum. For several years she has wondered “what if”; to this day whenever she hears a favorite musical composition, a feeling of peace washes over her. By looking within Genie knows that her passion is not being fulfilled. And she’s fortunate because she has an inside track on what does fuel her passion.

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Find Time to Get Traction on Your Long Term Goals: Just Ask Paula!
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time for dialogue with members of the Finding Time community is one of my favorite things, and here’s a great question that recently came to me at  Please feel invited to send your own questions … we answer as many as we can, right here on the blog!  Here’s what Alice J from Brooklyn wrote:

Hi Paula –

I understand about being aware, flexible and specific when I develop goals. My problem is an inability to figure out where or how to start working on a long range goal.

I’m stuck, Paula, can you help?


By Paula Eder

Cows, and Passion, and Business, Oh My!
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

We celebrated my dad’s 90th birthday last week. He’s a very young nonagenarian and I certainly hope I got his good genes. Of course, in my dad’s case, it’s not just good genes. He remains quite active in many ways including managing a herd of cattle and taking care of a variety of other farm animals and duties. It’s not uncommon to find him out fixing fence or baling hay or assisting in the birth of a baby calf at 3 in the morning. At 90!

All these many years my dad has taken Sunday’s off and he’s always said that Sunday is the longest day of the week for him. He says he can hardly wait for Monday morning to roll around because he has so many projects planned. My dad has always been passionate about his work even to this day.

And if you asked him, he’d tell you he’d never really worked a day in his life because he’s just having too much fun with whatever he’s doing at the moment.

By Marty Marsh

Yes, You Can Easily Create a Compelling Sales Page Filled with Heart. Here’s How…
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Over my ten years in business, I’ve become more and more clear that “my movement” is to help women be more successful in their business! That’s why I work with women entrepreneurs to blend the smart business tactics with the more feminine and spiritual way of being in the world.

For heart-centered, women entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get caught up in your passion and purpose, and maybe not spend so much time on the business and marketing side of your business. To help you bridge the two with ease, grace and more success, I’m creating the Business Goddess’s Guide to…. series of information products to give you practical tools to help bring your message into the world in a bigger way with authentic marketing.

I am pleased to announce my newest product to help you: Business Goddess’s Guide To Creating Powerful Sales Pages with Ease, Authenticity, and Heart.

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Increase Product Sales with These 3 Types of Special Offers
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When you’re an online solo service professional (solopreneur) it’s crucial that you move away from the hours-for-dollars business model and create a multiple streams of income business, i.e. your income comes from a variety of different sources:

  1. Passive income through the sale of information products.
  2. Leveraged income by creating and running group programs.
  3. One-on-one client income; this is your highest level service and you only work with a few clients at this level.

Creating passive income in your business through the sale of information products is at the heart of a multiple streams of income business. And once sales are going well you can be generating a consistent income each and every month.

Sometimes, though, you need to give sales a little helping hand, particularly if you’re launching a new product. Today I’d like to share with you three ways in which you can increase your product sales through using special offers.

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Leaping Without a Net
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Well, I did it! I finally launched the International Association of Women in Business Coaching (IAWBC). Launching this association has taken a tremendous amount of courage and soul searching. By launching it, I’m publicly stepping into the next phase of leadership in my life.

I still haven’t fully grasped the magnitude of what this is going to mean for me personally and professionally. Each time I’ve felt fear about it I’ve paused, connected to my heart and thought about the hundreds of coaches whose lives are going to be positively impacted by this professional coaching organization. That moment is one of Divine connection. I feel the love humming through me for coaching, for coaches, and for the good we’re up to in the world.

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