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Think Like an Instant Billionaire
Fabienne Fredrickson - Founder of (Previously

In sifting through emails from a R&D survey I launched a couple of years ago, I read the responses, and honestly, I wanted to cry. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I haven’t been aware that most solopreneurs have very low expectations of what could be made in self-employment (I’ve been at this for almost 10 years after all!), but I just didn’t know how LOW. Until I got the responses to the following question: “What is the most amount of mo-ney you see yourself making as a self-employed person?” Not just this year, but EVER.

Close to 200 solopreneurs (mostly female) wrote in and shared with me their “Most-I’ll-ever-make-in-a-year” numbers. What shocked me was that the number itself was really LOW and the majority of people wrote in numbers within a short range: between $50,000 and $75,000. Sure, a couple of them wrote in $150,000, but even THAT seemed like a far cry from what I *know* is possible, when you shift the way you work, get good marketing in place, create systems for everything, outsource, and set up leveraged and passive streams of in-come.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

Marketing Trend Update: Short Videos PLEASE
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If your ideal client is someone who has nothing else to do with their day then to stare at a computer then keep on posting 45 – 60 minute videos.

IF on the other hand, your ideal client description includes, “SUCCESSFUL people who can AFFORD to buy my programs & products”,  then consider that they are probably also really busy types and they don’t have time for sits in front of their coputer to watch your super long video (even though I’m sure it’s fascinating content – they don’t have time).

You don’t want to lose them or worse yet, piss them off (I’m guilty of feeling this way) because then they click off before you get to the  grand finale where you unveil (after 60 minutes) how they can get more of you by offering a program or product.

Soundbite Strategies:

1. Make your videos short – 2-4 minutes for tips; 10-12 minutes for Educational Marketing training
2. Make it fascinating, compelling or at least interesting  – Give them a reason to Care!
3. Include your program or product on the web page or blog where the video is being viewed or throughout your video with a well-done graphic.  Don’t wait until the end.
4. Break up one long video into smaller chunks in several videos

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The Door To Your Business
Sandra P. Martini - Business Growth & Marketing Expert

When prospective clients “walk up to your business”, what do they find?  This under-2-minute video shows you why it’s important not only to know, but to have the *right* answer.  Enjoy!

Oh, and see if you can pick up where my little Llasa Apso Buddy decides to start tossing my slipper around. 🙂

By Sandra P. Martini

Social Media Tip… You Could Lose Your Twitter Account If You Don’t Do This…
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

I’m one of those folks that has resisted participating in the Social Media arena for some time now, but decided to get some training so I could learn exactly what to do and not make so many mistakes and faux pas that so many newbies seem to make. I’m really glad I did that. It has been money well-spent.

Of course, just about the time we got started in the course, we moved to this remote location with little to no internet and email access. So it has made it a bit hard to get very many updates and tweets out there.

Here’s something I learned that you may not know about but if you’re serious about social media you’ll want to know. Many Twitter powerusers use TweetDeck (or some other tool) to manage their tweets and to see what everyone else is tweeting about, and that’s great, but at least once a week or so, you should go to your Twitter account page and send some updates and messages from there. Seems that if Twitter detects that your account is going unused after a period of time, they can shut you down or make your account inactive and give your account name to someone else.

By Marty Marsh

Fake Blog, Real Sales Page
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Not all blogs are created equally… especially when they aren’t blogs at all. There’s a trend in internet marketing to imitate a blog- complete with a first person story and a string of comments- to sell products.

I’ve seen this for skincare and weightloss and I’m sure a number of other categories are out there.

So here’s how it goes… somehow you find yourself on a website and you click a link that says something you’re particularly interested in, usually around sex, money, diet, health. “I lost 25 pounds in 2 weeks!” or “I was broke and now I’m a gazillionaire!”

And it looks copacetic with an engaging and amazing story.

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Find Time to Get to Know Yourself and Journey Deeper into Your Heart!
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time to explore life’s mysteries is something that always enriches us in powerful and unexpected ways. It is also, often, the first thing that we set aside when life gets busy.  (And when is life NOT busy?!)

Among the fundamental mysteries of life, our own hearts and minds can frequently present us with some of the biggest puzzles. Do you find that to be true?

  • Are there things that you shy away from without understanding why?
  • Have you reacted strongly to something and then thought, “Hmmmm, I wonder where that came from?”
  • Would you like to tune in more deeply to the stories that you tell yourself?
  • Would you like to change some of those stories?  The ones that keep you from being your fullest and freest self … and stepping toward your cherished dreams?
By Paula Eder

3 Ways to Ensure Your Business is Busy — No Matter The Economy or Season
Sandra P. Martini - Business Growth & Marketing Expert

It’s summer. . .a time of school vacations; hazy, hot and humid weather; and, according to some, the slowest business season of the year.

Not so here in Lakeville!  We’re going gangbusters and there’s a few reasons why which you can easily use/adapt for your business:

  1. Plan for success and work the plan. Nothing secret here – it actually makes things easier if you have a plan to work by as there’s no wondering “What should I focus on?” thoughts when you walk in the office each morning.
  2. Generate exposure all year round for a steady flow of business: consistent article marketing; regularly (at least 2x/week) posting on your, and others’, blogs; connecting with people “live” through social media; “touching” your readers through direct mail and, if conducive to your business, regularly hosting f.r.e.e. teleclasses.
  3. Create systems to work for you. The busier you get, the more important it is to have the right systems in place so “no balls get dropped” and every client experiences Extreme Client Care™ from you and every member of your team.  And the busier you are, the more clients who want to work with you.
By Sandra P. Martini

Stand Out by Engaging Your Audience: Here’s How
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Yesterday I posted about engaging your followers… and how it’s not always that easy. Remember that first high school dance? Remember any social situation where you felt awkward? Nobody started off knowing how to flawlessly engage. We’re all learning on our feet!

Here’s a real life example of people jumping into a topic and getting lots of visibility from it.

I love to post “Elephant Under the Rug” topics… things that are on my mind that nobody seems to be talking about (but they SHOULD be talking about).

For instance, I’m up to my ears in telesummits. Like any cool idea, once it gets overdone it ceases to be cool and turns into a parody of itself.

So I posted a thought on Facebook:

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Find Time to Flow as You Move Through Seasonal (or Daily) Transitions
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time to move skillfully through transitions requires that we use a variety of time management tools.  And happily, moving through transitions is something that often gets easier and easier with mindful practice.

If you step back and think about it, we humans are really in a constant state of transition, as is our environment.  Right now the moon is waxing toward fullness, and spring is moving toward summer in the northern hemisphere … while the opposite is occurring in the south.  Here in New Hampshire, our gardens are being planted, birds are nesting, and students are graduating into new life stages.

This morning, as thousands of people on the East Coast of the United States get themselves ready to make the daily transition from breakfast tables to work or school, births and deaths are also occurring in lives all around the world.  Time holds all of this – the most profound and the most mundane moments – in its flow.  I find this so fascinating!

By Paula Eder

3 Ways To Alienate Your Peeps a.k.a. “How NOT to Market”
Sandra P. Martini - Business Growth & Marketing Expert

As I put the final touches on my Escalator Marketing(tm) report and what it means to businesses of all industries — online and offline — there are several things which have hit my inbox this week as great examples of how NOT to market your business and I want to share a few of them here.

    1. I received 3 emails from someone whose list I’ve been on for well over a year and received so few communications that I completely forgot I was on her list (okay, that’s a mistake in itself, but not the one I’m focusing on).  The 1st email mentioned that  she’s been busy and asked how I was (that’s it…just a few words). I forget what the second was and the 3rd is to sell me a $700 program.  Seriously? No contact in “forever” and then sell me a $700 program after asking how I am? There are no words.
By Sandra P. Martini

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