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Are You Selling *Hope*?
Sandra P. Martini - Business Growth & Marketing Expert

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, chances are you know my beloved BlackBerry died last week — I love my “scroll wheel” and have had a similiar model for over 10 years (I know you iphone peeps are cringing).

They no longer make scroll wheels.  Now it’s all touchpads and touchscreens.

As I tested the Droid and Droid2 (on the Verizon platform where I’ve been), I quickly realized that it wasn’t what I wanted.  Luckily, BlackBerry came out with it’s new Torch and the ATT store was right next door.

15 minutes into “playing”, this is what I wanted.

Back next door to Verizon to see if they have anything comparable.

“Nope, but we’ll be getting new BlackBerries sometime before Christmas. Can you wait till then?” said the Verizon rep.

By Sandra P. Martini

Does Your Coach Know the Strategy Behind What They are Teaching?
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Yesterday, I read a post from Sandra Martini on why ‘blueprints’ don’t work. Of course, I HAD to leave a comment. I’m one of the people coaches and consultants come to for business mentoring after they’ve invested thousands and thousands on a blueprint, and still don’t see results.

Some of my business mentoring clients say that the ‘guru’ who sold them this blueprint throws it back to the customer, using language like:

  • “You’re not trying hard enough.”
  • “You have some blocks keeping you from figuring this out.”
  • “You’re not investing enough time in this”
  • “You’ve got to be patient… it will happen when you have everything else in order.”
  • “You need more help… I can do that for an extra $$$”

Did you notice the blame is put directly on the customer?

It’s wrong to blame the customer/client for it – after all, they paid the ‘guru’ to help them. That’s what the ‘guru’ should do: help, not blame.

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Teaching, Via Video, the Secret Link Between Women, Debt and Self-Esteem
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Teaching via video, from my home office, the secret link between women, debt and self-esteem. This F.R.E.E. info has caused a big buzz on my blog. If you missed it, click here to get in on this awesome no-cost content. To be fair, I must warn you that this no-cost video series will only be live for a few more days.

Sharing this info with thousands of women feels like a dream come true. I had NO idea ten years ago, when I started my business, that I would be a mentor for so many on the topic of marketing AND money. What I love MOST is seeing the breakthroughs that happen for women in their biz once they heal their relationship with money. It’s like putting into place that final piece of the puzzle that’s been holding you back.

I’d love for you to get this info totally FREE as my gift to you, before we pull the videos. There’s no selling – just a refreshing boatload of awesome, all new content I created for you.

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FREE Teleclass: The Deep, Real Conversations We’re Scared to Have
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It’s Time to Take Back Your Power, Open Up and Connect with Each Other

Back in June, I held the first of the Deep Real Conversations call, and it was powerful and connecting. Very sacred – really just beyond words. What I know is that we are creating and leading a new way of being in business and being in our lives. Sometimes that means we put our heads on our desks and cry, and it’s ok to release. And we ask for help, and we do it collaboratively and in community. It’s not the traditional way of being in business and going through our lives… we are honoring our intuition, our emotional guidance, our spirituality and our values.

Part of why we as women entrepreneurs are feeling so frustrated is that we feel alone. We don’t have the mentors and the models out there to help lead the way. We’re yearning to connect with other women. To understand and validate that we aren’t alone in thinking about business that’s different from what the business books say.

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Find Time to Simplify and See What You Set Free in Your Heart!
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time to de-clutter is something that is often on our To Do Lists.  It can be one of those items that keeps getting moved from list to list – never quite making it to the top.

Why is that?  There are many reasons.  Other tasks can often seem more pressing and take priority.  Add to that the fact that many of us have difficulties with letting go, and you have a sure-fire recipe for procrastination.  I would add that when a task like de-cluttering becomes a “should” in our minds, then that alone can often bring out enough rebelliousness to keep the activity shelved!

Last night when I was putting my work away and getting ready to leave my office, a guest post by Barrie Davenport on Zen Habits caught my eye.  Titled “How to Simplify When You Love Your Stuff,” it offers ideas and insights about simplifying and simplicity that I found very intriguing – most especially her comments on mindfulness and balance.

By Paula Eder

What do YOU do When the Moon and Stars Collide Instead of Align?
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Have you noticed that the energy of the past few weeks has felt heavy, fraught with miscommunications and technical glitches? One of my Platinum members, gifted Astrologer Lisa Zimmerman (who’s ramping up her business big time with JV’s, teleseminars, VIP days and more — I am so proud of her!) described it as a time of “cosmic chaos and conflict.” Lisa, I hear ya on that!

I’m glad to say that within just the past 48 hours, this feels like it has shifted. In fact, this may be really sappy to hear but I’ve been on a bliss cloud the past couple of days.

Whether you believe in astrology, numerology, tarot or any of the esoteric arts, there is something to be said when things just don’t seem to be going right for many people, all at the same time, which begs the question: what do YOU do when the moon and stars collide instead of align?

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Get your Buzz on With your Own Holiday – Part 2
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Last time, I discussed the basics of creating a holiday and making it memorable. Are you feeling a celebration coming on? Then you need to learn the ways to make your special promotional day work for you.

One of the biggest mistakes I see solo professionals and entrepreneurs make is that they jump on with a promotion without a specific plan in place on how to make the most of it.

For example, I know several coaches and consultants who recent jumped on the telesummit bandwagon, thinking will make them more money. The fact of the matter is telesummits are a great way to not only make money, when done right, but also a great list building tool as well.  Yet most miss that obvious opportunity. (Yes, it’s a bit like Sutton’s Law, huh?)

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Using Daily Ritual for Life Balance
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

My friends Alan Hickman and Jan Stringer turned me on to this video today and I thought you might enjoy and benefit from it.

Like Vishen Lakhiani suggests in this video, I find that certain ritual practices in my life help keep me on a more even keel. The trick, when I find myself in a place of feeling crummy, is to remember to engage the practices!

Enjoy the video.

By Marty Marsh

Can Freedom Really Be This Simple?
Sandra P. Martini - Business Growth & Marketing Expert

Have you ever put something in the oven, only to get distracted and end up overcooking it?

I used to do it all the time — especially once I started my business.  In the oven went dinner, then I was off to check emails or write.

An hour later there was a burning smell (and “yes”, baking potatoes CAN explode in your oven!).

Then I discovered the freedom that a simple timer could bring.  Set it, off to do whatever and come back when it beeps.

I employ the same principle in my business using a Polder Digital Timer (it’s the visual of digital “sand” that makes this far and above other timers):

By Sandra P. Martini

The Velvet Hammer
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What most often stops women from making a big shift in their life is the fear of hurting someone’s feelings. In my business, I’m affectionately known as the “Velvet Hammer” because of my soft-but-tough stand with my clients. But personally, I worry as much as any gal about hurting someone’s feelings.

What I’ve learned is to NOT let that stop me from making a decision that is right for me. Here’s what I do: When I feel myself contracting, not wanting to upset someone, I always ask a powerful question my mom, Kailash (an awesome coach on these kinds of sticky situations!) taught me. The question is:

“What is it YOU really want?”

I then answer the question, without fear of upsetting anyone. In that moment, I have found my truth and from there, can respectfully and compassionately have a conversation or take action from a place of authenticity and power, rather than from guilt or worry.

Relationships are tough but they get surprisingly easy when we come from our place of truth, no matter what.

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