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Give Me More!
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I know I shouldn’t be surprised.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Yet I can’t help being surprised and thrilled when I get the message, for the umpteenth time, that when you’re connected to Source, when you’re plugged in to your Guidance, there’s always MORE and MORE and MORE … even if you’re already experiencing outrageous abundance, wisdom, love and joy.

But it makes sense, doesn’t it?

If you’re fully connected to the Source of all inspiration, energy, creativity, insight, wisdom, passion, love, and joy … well, there is always an endless supply. There’s always MORE!

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Simple Content Creation System
Marnie Pehrson - Bestselling Author, Business & Marketing Consultant

In this video, I share a simple content creation system. I explain how to document your epiphanies in your format of choice (blogs, articles, videos, audios), then transfer them into other formats for distribution.

By Marnie Pehrson

Sponsorships are Available for Every Organization
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It’s a common myth that sponsorships are only for not-for-profits, associations and little leagues. Although my upcoming Sponsorship Made Simple class can help these organizations attract more sponsors, you’ll be leaving money on the table if you think you can’t get a sponsorship because you’re an entrepreneur, coach or consultant.

Heck, Madonna even has sponsors for what she’s doing. And we know she isn’t a charity.

Okay, so you’re not some big rock star or sports legend. Can you still secure sponsorships from other companies?


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When Clarity Costs. . .
Sandra P. Martini - Business Growth & Marketing Expert

We all want clarity — clarity of purpose, clarity of knowing who we are, clarity around the offers we make in sharing our gifts with others.

There comes a certain point, however, when clarity costs:

  • Clarity costs time — we often spend so much time thinking about how to get clarity that little else happens
  • Clarity costs energy — we often spend so much time analyzing and reanalyzing what we’re doing (or not doing) that we have no energy left for other pursuits
  • Clarity costs money — spending so much time thinking and analyzing means little time for producing programs, products and services and less time for sharing them with others

For today, take pleasure in being unsure. Revel in the muddle. Embrace the gray.

And as you sit unclear about your life purpose, choose one thing you can to do generate extra revenue this month.

You don’t have to love it.  You don’t have to want to do it forever. By doing it, you’ll learn if you enjoy it. . .or not.  And then move on to the next thing.

Gaining clarity around what you do comes from DOING, not thinking about doing.

By Sandra P. Martini

5 Challenges and Mistakes Faced by Every Solopreneur
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I was recently a presenter in a Telesummit and even though I had a specific topic to present on, the hosts also felt it would be appropriate to talk about some of the biggest challenges and mistakes that I faced (and still do face today) along my path to solopreneurship!

These are the same issues that EVERY solopreneur faces at some point or other in their business so, in case you missed my presentation, I thought I’d share those challenges and mistakes with you here in the hope that you can learn from them, and also know that you are not alone.

Challenge/Mistake #1 – Creating Balance

The main reason I started my business in the first place (way back in November 2001) was so that I could choose my own schedule – I had two young children at the time and needed to have a very flexible schedule that would allow me to be around for them, particularly during school holidays.

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Every gal I know indulges in comparison. The thing is, do you use comparison to pull yourself forward…or to pull yourself down?

When I’m at my best, I’ll use comparison to inspire me to take a big leap forward. The feeling is one of curiosity and my internal conversation is gentle, with my higher self helping me see new ways of doing something, or sparking an idea that, until that moment, had been lying undiscovered within me.

On occasion though, my shadow side will pop up and use comparison as a weapon against my self esteem and sense of self-worth. When this happens the first thing I do is first become AWARE that it’s happening. Then, I ask myself:

“Where is it that I am not stepping into my power, what am I not giving voice to or where am I not moving forward authentically?

It’s never about what the person you’re comparing yourself to is doing more or better than you are. I believe that when comparison sparks negative, self-depreciating feelings within us, it’s a signal that we’re denying our truth. A part of us intuitively knows this and gives us a choice: use the comparison to pull us down into our shadow side, or, use the comparison for our highest and greatest good.

I know which path I choose, and I bet you do, too.

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Focus, Schmocus
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

Recently, in a small town in New York state, I noticed a store called, Canaseraga Hardware and Coffee Company. I laughed a bit, thinking what an odd combination to offer together, but such seems to be the way of business life in Smalltown USA.

In our travels about the country we find ourselves in lots of small towns and see lots of odd combinations of businesses all working together under the same roof. The oddest, I believe, was the one somewhere in rural Missouri that combined “Beauty Supplies and Bait.”

Being no stranger to having a lack of focus myself, at first blush it would appear that these people either can’t make up their minds or they have too many business interests. (Sounds like me.) I suspect the truth is that those odd combos are borne out of necessity.

For way too many years – yes, years – than I care to admit, I’ve suffered – and I do mean suffered – with a lack of focus. Seems like I’ve had a knack – for as long as I can remember – for being able to help other people gain clarity and focus around their business interests but not so good at helping myself in that area.

By Marty Marsh

More Drama
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Something happened a few days ago that I feel compelled to share with you.

An employee that I had to fire a few weeks ago refused to return a company asset that I had paid for. Weeks have gone by, the asset was never shipped to me and when I asked her again for it, this time, she flatly refused to return it.

I admit, my initial reaction was shock and anger, followed quickly by hurt and “How could she do this?” But after about 20 minutes of emotional drama I cooled down. What helped was asking these questions:

Has what she’s done really damaged me in any way? Can the item easily be replaced? Is spending time being upset, hurt and angry more important than investing my time in working on my business, where I get the joy of serving others?

By shifting my perspective I was able to refocus my thoughts, breathe out negative feelings, and move on with my day. While I can’t agree with her actions I CAN choose not to invest any more energy into the situation. I HIGHLY suggest you do the same this week — let something go and move on to what it is you are REALLY supposed to focus on.

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Is Your Business Sucking the Life Out of You?
Marnie Pehrson - Bestselling Author, Business & Marketing Consultant

If you feel more like a rat on a wheel than a successful entrepreneur of vision, then this video’s for you. Maybe you’ve heard of the E-Myth and the 4-Hour Work Week. Here’s my philosophy for having a successful business and enjoying your life!

If the video doesn’t load, you can view it here.

I share more ways to get more done in a day and still enjoy your life here.

By Marnie Pehrson

Phases of Your Business Reinvention Journey
Karyn Greenstreet - Small Business Coach & Self-Employment Expert

I’d love to be able to tell you that there are set of linear and finite phases that every small business owner goes through while you’re reinventing your business model…

…but if I told you that, it would be a lie.

But there are some well known phases that you might go through, sometimes circling back to one you thought you already finished, and skipping others completely. Here is a short list of some of the signposts you’ll encounter on the road to reinvention:

  • I know/feel/sense/think something needs to change – You find yourself pausing in the middle of the day (or worse, in the middle of the night) and asking, “Is this the business I want? What’s next for me?” People report feeling restless or frustrated, knowing deep in their heart and mind that the business needs a shake-up, a new way of being in the world.
By Karyn Greenstreet

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