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Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready for the New Year? Part 4
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Last time we talked about setting your business goals and breaking them down into strategies. Once you have those strategies in place, you need to start mapping out the tactics you’ll use to get there, and even a time line.

Right now you may be thinking: what’s the difference between strategies and tactics.

A strategy is an idea. Think of it as a conceptualization of how the goal could be achieved. We often talk about people who are good strategists. These are people who excel at devising schemes and plans and courses of action to achieve the desired result. (Psst… that’s me by the way and that’s why many people hire me as their marketing mentor!)

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How to Make Your Blog Stand Out
Michele A Scism - Small Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist

I was stumbling through StumbleUpon and found this fabulous blog post from and written by Stanford Smith.

Standford is obsessed with how to get passionate people’s blogs noticed and promoted. You can check him out at Pushing Social.

Madonna’s 6 Secrets to Personal Branding Mastery by Stanford Smith

“Everyone is entitled to my opinion.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s Madonna.

Most people think of sex-soaked, counter-cultural extravagance when they reflect on Madonna’s career.

I see something else. Fearless mastery of her brand and message.

By Michele A Scism

Are You Ready for WordPress 3.2?
Nina East - Wordpress Customization & Setup Expert


WordPress 3.2, scheduled for release in Spring 2011, will be the first WordPress release that drops PHP 4 support. The planned minimum supported version for the WordPress 3.2 release is PHP 5.2.

What does this mean for you?

If your server/hosting company is not running at least version 5.2 of PHP, things will go kaflooey (a technical term) when you attempt to install or upgrade to WordPress 3.2.

By Nina East

Do You Run Your Business Like It’s Black Friday?
Terri Zwierzynski - The Solo-CEO: Content Marketing Strategist

My daughter asked me the other day why Black Friday is a good thing, while Black Tuesday was a bad thing. Actually I think the former is debatable!

For several years now I’ve watched my extended family throw themselves into a tizzy looking through ads and making plans to get up early to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Me? I hate shopping in real stores, so I’m probably biased anyway. But it did make me think…how we sometimes behave in our business the same way some of us behave on Black Friday. Here are two ways:

By Terri Zwierzynski

Find Time to Let Go of One Piece of Clutter
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time to deal with clutter is often a matter of learning to let go.  It’s a challenge, and at the same time … it’s very doable.  The key is to figure out what works for YOU!

That’s because, just as we are all unique, so is our relationship to whatever clutters up our lives.  The nature of your clutter may also change over time, as you evolve and grow.

For some the main clutter issue may be paper or clothes or knick-knacks … while for others it might be unread e-mails … or worries. Needless to say, a solution that helped you cull your sweater drawer may not help when it comes to cutting down on your overflowing To Do List!

But whatever your clutter issue may be, once you name it and decide to do something about it, you are halfway home.

By Paula Eder

Try It With Me… Ask For Help No Matter What
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I just finished writing an article for StarLee Magazine, where I have a bi-monthly column on women and money. In the article I explained our ability to receive greater abundance in our life is in direct proportion to our ability to receive, period.
Which means allowing in rather than always giving out. Not easy for many women to do. It also means asking for help even at the risk that someone else may be inconvenienced or have to change their plans. Again, not easy for women to do.

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Place From Which to Make Life and Business Decisions
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This morning presented a fascinating choice point for me: do I stay in the flow of abundance, focusing on my highest and greatest good? Or do I let myself get caught up into a situation heaped with what I call “emotional trash?”

Here’s what happened: first, I found out I am a finalist in THREE categories for a highly prestigious, internationally recognized entrepreneurial award. (I’m not allowed to share details yet.) I am super excited about this! Whether I win or not, being named as a finalist puts me into an elite category of entrepreneurs being recognized for being the “best” and for helping women succeed in business. Awesome.

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GOALS: Light Bulb Moments
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You know, those moments when you experience complete comprehension, total memory, or supreme brilliance. The moment when your problems have solutions, when your worries disappear, and you have “the” plan? I’m talking about your own personal Aha moment or the point in time when you realized that you were just on the cusp of something major? Just close your eyes and think of how good it feels in that moment. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to bottle those moments? To relive them and the feelings that they evoked in you? To be able to recreate that truly receptive period in your mind when everything comes together in total synchronicity for your inevitable success? Well there are various ways that you can.

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Take a Meditative Moment!
Lisa Bloom - Speaker, Author, Coach, Storyteller

I used to think that I had no idea how to meditate, that I was one of those people who could never embrace the practice. I imagined that the only way I would succeed would be to sit in the centre of a huge room, or on a cliff top or empty beach with my legs crossed in some impossible position; this was certainly a feat beyond me in those days! I would have to keep my eyes shut, not be tempted to see anything around me, join my thumb and first finger and rest my hands on my knees. I would be the picture of peace, and of course physically completely comfortable while my mind would be totally quiet.

By Lisa Bloom

The Social Network
Michele A Scism - Small Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist

Last night I finally got to see “The Social Network” movie.  As a huge fan of Facebook and social networking I knew I would enjoy it – I think I was a bit more surprised at how much my husband enjoyed it.

He is intrigued by Facebook because he knows it plays a huge role in my business (although he still says he has no clue what I do) and yet he isn’t comfortable enough to really get involved in the wide world of Facebook.

Let me say, before I get started, that yes I know it is a movie and not 100% accurate but it still provided lessons that we should learn from.  In case you haven’t seen the movie I will try really hard not to give anything away.

By Michele A Scism

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