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What’s a Spotlight Style and Why Is It Important?
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We’re all wired to be successful marketers.

We’re all wired to be creative.

We’re all wired to be persuasive.

Those are simple truths you discover when you discover your Spotlight Style.

I recently hosted a free call on the 3 Spotlight Styles and had a record number of people not only register for the call but SHOW UP AND STAY ON THE LINE for exactly 90 minutes. (I intended it to be 60 minutes max but I answered questions for 30 minutes, it felt like playing an encore after an already great show!)

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I’m Wasting my Time…
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I have a confession to make. I got a really good sponsor for myself this year.

Last month I approached a major company that serves small businesses all over the world. They agreed to give me $10,000 cash plus another $10,000 worth of equipment for this year, with the prospect of re-upping for 2012. In return all I have to do is include them in the activities I am already doing, including a couple of live events, some telesummits, blog posts and emails.

Great news, huh?

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Fall in Love With Your Customers
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What the real key to success in business?  It’s when your customers LOVE you.

And to do that, you must LOVE them before they ever think of loving you.

The relationship of gaining a prospect’s love and respect is often like dating.  You need to make a sincere effort if you want to win the ultimate prize (a lifetime of love and partnership). You need to show how well-rounded, interesting and compassionate you are. What if you go on a date with a workaholic, whose primary goal is to bill 90 hours per week and has no outside interests or hobbies? You’ll quickly realize that this person doesn’t offer the complete package you want in a mate. Similarly, when a company appears to only be concerned about their bottom line, it’s a major turn-off to customers.

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Find Time to Stop Skating on Thin Ice
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

When you were growing up, how many of you occasionally heard an adult in your life say, “Careful … you’re skating on thin ice”?  I know I did – and I bet quite a few of you did, too.  And I bet we all had a pretty good idea of where we were headed when we heard that phrase!

Do you ever feel like you are skating on thin ice now?  I mean in your life today?  Not that you’re going to get into trouble with Mom or Dad … but do you ever feel like you’re on a slippery and not-so-sturdy surface?

It’s not a good feeling … and, in fact, can be quite dangerous.

By Paula Eder

Taking Visualization to a Whole New Level
Marnie Pehrson - Bestselling Author, Business & Marketing Consultant

In recent years, an increasing number of people have tapped into the power of visualization. What used to be considered “day dreaming” is now a viable method for accelerating toward your goals and aspirations. If you can’t see yourself doing it, frankly, you won’t do it. So, we have vision boards, and we spend time using our imagination to see and feel what it’s going to be like when we achieve our dreams.

There is another power to visualization which I’ve found far surpasses this. It taps into a power far beyond our own. I first learned about it a few years ago when I met Judy Hansen. Judy is an energy intuitive who uses guided meditations and what she calls “enscripts” to read people’s energy. Each of her enscripts is as unique as the individual. In fact, they’re even more unique because I’ve received several of these enscripts and no two are the same. I’ve found them to be a wonderful symbolic depiction of who I am, where I’m heading next, and what heavenly resources are available to me.

By Marnie Pehrson

Is it Live or Memorex? Virtual Accountability Partners
Michele A Scism - Small Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist

In this world of online living, meeting friends – or even mates – online is no longer outside the mainstream. We make little distinction between online buddies and those who live across the street. And we often feel more connected to these virtual friends than we do with the people we encounter in person. It makes sense to reach out to your online connections when looking for an accountability partner. Here are some points to consider:

Pros: Teaming up with a “virtual” partner is the ultimate in convenience. You don’t have to live near each other – or even in the same time zone – so your pool of potential partners is almost limitless. Also, you can keep your conversations very targeted, and thereby cut down on the amount of time it takes to connect. If you correspond via e-mail, you can catch up when it’s convenient for you, and not have to worry about coordinating schedules.

By Michele A Scism

Find Time to Read It … Then Spread It with Reddit!
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time to connect and share information can be made considerably easier when you use the available social networking tools.  Many or most of you are probably familiar with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Maybe you have also checked out tools like Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Digg, Technorati and Delicious.

Each one offers slightly different capacities and each has its own loyal followings.  If you are engaged in work that requires getting the word out on the web, it is a good idea for you to be familiar with these venues and to maintain a presence in as many of them as you can.

By Paula Eder

Resources to Shift Your World
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I am getting ready to lead a  transformational Business Goddess Six Figures and Beyond Retreat this week right on the edge of the powerful and beautiful Atlantic Ocean. I’m already feeling the big energy shifts that comes from a group mastermind retreat when we all meet in person!

Right now, I’m making my “piles” …it’s the pre-packing stage!

Before I head out, I wanted to take a moment to share a couple of resources that will shift YOUR world….

We’ve all heard the “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  It’s really not true. Words have power…. for good and for not-so-good.  (We like to use our power of words for good, by the way!)  And that’s what Isabel Parlett is about – that idea of how you can more easily share your message with the world – AND have the world get it! (All you coaches and alternative healers, you KNOW what I’m talking about!)

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Customer Service Tip: Saying No without Saying No
Terri Zwierzynski - The Solo-CEO: Content Marketing Strategist

There comes a time in every business when you have to say “No” to a client (or colleague). It may be that a client wants something that you don’t want to offer (maybe they aren’t an ideal client?), or a colleague asks for a favor that doesn’t fit your business model. It’s all about boundaries — setting them is important, but even more important is HOW you communicate those boundaries.

The key: You want to say No, by saying Yes. This is hard to do…at least for me, I start feeling defensive when I’m asked to do something I don’t want to do…like I have to explain why. It’s taken me practice to temper that reactive response and phrase my reply in a positive manner. (I’m still practicing!)

By Terri Zwierzynski

What Is an Accountability Partner?
Michele A Scism - Small Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist

The phrase “accountability partner” is quite broad and encompasses a lot of territory. At its most basic, an accountability partner is someone you set up a formal relationship with, who will help provide support for your online business creation and growth. He or she is an unpaid consultant, someone you agree to work with to provide mutually beneficial support.

In its simplest terms, it’s like having a business consultant who you don’t pay. Instead you trade for each others consulting services. You make it your goal to help each other to succeed.
Accountability partners are like personal trainers for your business – different trainers have different personalities and different specialties. And you have different needs, too. If you’re at the beginning of your business creation, you may need someone to help cheer you on. As you become more experienced and confident, you may need someone to push your boundaries and tell you when you’re slacking.

By Michele A Scism

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