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VIP Intensive Days
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I know you know this, but a gentle reminder: the results you get in your business have everything to do with what you say YES to. And commit to. And are willing to do “whatever it takes” to get. And then actually DO.

Which is why we’re so excited to work with those of you who are committed and ready to go!

This is the very strategy I’ve used to triple my revenue this year — I’ve said YES to everything that I know I need to do.  Sometimes it has made my knees shake, my stomach ache and caused fear.  But I’ve done it anyways.  And my container for what I can handle has grown tremendously.  I’ve become more responsible, self-aware, generous, and accountable – all of which have led to a multi-six figure year as of August and growing.

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Don’t Put Off Building a List
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

Many online business people think that they can put off building a list until they are more “established” or until [go ahead and enter your excuse reason here]. This is a big mistake. Even if your traffic is currently low and you’re brand new with your online business, you need to build relationships right from the very start.

If you ask established Internet entrepreneurs what their biggest regret is, many of them will tell you that they did not build a list sooner. It doesn’t matter what your online business is — selling ebooks, offering a service like coaching, doing affiliate marketing, creating websites, ecommerce, blogging, or direct selling — you need to build a list.

Remember that, these days, you must have something of value you can give in exchange for site visitors sharing their email address with you, so if you haven’t yet created an irresistible free gift, you need to make that a priority. Without it, you’ll find it much harder to build your list.

By Marty Marsh

What is the Global Social Media Managers Association™?
Michele A Scism - Small Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist

Well it is an answer to a prayer.  You see as a business and social media strategist I travel the country speaking to business owners about how they can use social media to promote themselves and their businesses and the ultimate – get new clients.  Every time I have one of these discussions, whether it is live in person or on a teleseminar, someone will always ask me 2 questions.  First they ask me if I will do their social media marketing for them.  When I explain that as a strategist I prefer to teach the business owners and their employees how to do it they usually ask me the second question – “Can you refer someone who can do my social media marketing for me?”

By Michele A Scism

The Secret to Running a Solo Business…
Terri Zwierzynski - The Solo-CEO: Content Marketing Strategist

This weekend I watched “City Slickers” with my family. It had been quite a while since I’d seen the movie, and between the mid-life crisis drama, witty dialogue and sight gags, there were some wonderful “life lessons” in there worth pondering.

The one that really caught my attention, though, was the scene where Curly (Jack Palance) tells Mitch (Billy Crystal), that the secret to life is just “one thing”. Mitch asks what that one thing is, and Curly tells him, “That’s what you have to figure out.” It struck me that this is a truth not just for life, but for the solo business owner as well.

By Terri Zwierzynski

Has Summer Stalled Your Business Growth?
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You’re not alone if you’re feeling that summer has stalled your business growth. Because if you are like MOST coaches and consultants out there, things feel like they’ve slowed to a snail’s pace.

You just can’t seem to make the money you know you should be. You are stuck.

And sometimes to get unstuck you need to go back and see why you are where you are in the first place.  Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Are your marketing efforts on autopilot? (Sure, systems are good, but sometimes they get your prospects bored!)
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Flexible Focus to the Rescue! 3 Absolutely Essential Tips
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

1. TIP: Use Flexible Focus to Weather Difficult Transitions.

Have you ever suffered a loss and felt out of sync with everyone around you? Perhaps your world has screeched to a halt, while others bustle along at full speed. When you face these and other demanding challenges, Flexible Focus can save the day.

  • Your first task is to simplify your life to its essentials. Give your schedule breathing space. Then, carve out special time daily to reflect and care for yourself. Journaling can unearth valuable insights, helping you evolve in just the right ways. These restorative periods will help you build resilience.
By Paula Eder

Create a List of Credibility Factors to Get More Clients
Fabienne Fredrickson - Founder of (Previously

Sometimes, getting clear on what will give you an added advantage in your positioning in the marketplace has to do with practical things, like Credibility Factors. These are not things you lead with in your marketing materials, but rather things that support your USPs (unique selling proposition) and the specific benefits that you provide clients. This will help you get noticed and get more clients.

What are some Credibility Factors? You may have written a book on the subject, have specific knowledge or background on something that comes easily to you, created a proprietary system about what you do, become a recognized speaker on the subject, taken yourself out of a certain type of situation quickly, have worked 15 years in a field your competitors haven’t, etc.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

Ummm… Awkward! When Drama Hits Joint Ventures
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What do you get when two close colleagues embark on joint ventures with the same person… then the two close colleagues split up and run their separate ways?

Go no further than the tabloids and YouTube… with J-Lo and Marc Anthony starting as the “close colleagues” and rapper Pitbull cast as “the joint venture guy”.

So here’s the scoop… Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (recently separated and already with new hookups,) each recorded new songs featuring Pitbull’s Cubano cool style rapping alongside them. J-Lo revitalized her career thanks to her American Idol stint and her song On the Floor. Marc Anthony, perenially in the “what’s that guy doing with his career” mode, teamed up with Pitbull for the song Rain Over Me.

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How do I Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline?
Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW) - Love-Based Biz Strategist and Copywriter

This is a great question and unfortunately the answer is much longer than I have room for in this column. However, what I can do is give you a place to start.

Remember, the headline is the first thing people will see (and it’s what most people are going to use to determine if they want to read the rest of the sales letter). So it’s important to make sure the headline resonates from where you ideal client is coming from.

In other words, the people who you want to serve, have a problem (a pain) that your program, product or service will solve.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

Business is a Language That Every Entrepreneur Needs To Learn
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I was just reading an article in Entrepreneur magazine about a very successful businessman who bought a franchise for a restaurant.  He managed it for 2 years and couldn’t turn a profit.  Finally, he put himself through the franchise training and realized that he didn’t know the first thing about how to manage this restaurant.  After the training, he doubled the revenue and profit of his restaurant.  He noted, “I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

Everyday I meet business owners who are having the same problem.  They are trying to run their businesses without learning the specifics of their particular business model or without having had any prior business training.

Then they blame themselves when they don’t make the money they want or they can’t push their businesses to the next level.

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