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Common Sense – Do You Have It?
Lisa Bloom - Speaker, Author, Coach, Storyteller

We were in the coffee shop discussing a self-development book we had both read sometime over the last few years.

“It’s all about cause and effect,” she said. “Yes, not exactly rocket science, right?”  I replied.

“It’s common sense really isn’t it,” she said. “Exactly, just common sense, so why does everyone make such a big fuss of the book?,” I asked. “Well, people don’t really get it do they?” She added. “So why is it called common sense,” I asked, “it doesn’t seem to be very common.” Your right, she said, not common at all actually.

“So, how did you learn cause and effect, your common sense” she asked.

By Lisa Bloom

It’s Not Just About Financial Results
Justin Krane - Money Strategist for Business Owners

It takes consistent action to create financial results

You want the million dollar lifestyle. You want a million dollar portfolio. You want that million dollar business. You want financial results.

How much revenue did you do last quarter? Did you take that vacation that you wanted to take yet? Has your portfolio been providing the return you expect?

It’s not just about the financial results or the destination.

Some of us measure these financial results all the time and some of us are too overwhelmed to deal with this money stuff. We have an internal struggle of having to measure our results against what we set out to achieve, knowing that we could come up short. We don’t want to deal with failing.

By Justin Krane

Who Are You Taking Advice (or Compliments) From? – Three Steps to Finding Great Advice
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Let me give you a typical scenario that I see at events:

Sarah:  “I’m not clear about my business and I don’t know what to do next.”

Jennifer: “Well, I think your niche isn’t very clear.  And you should change your business card.  And have you thought about writing a book?”

Sarah: “Wow, I haven’t even thought about all of that!  I’ll go change everything right now.”

Secretly: Sarah actually liked her niche and it was working well.  Now she curls up into a metaphorical or real ball and doesn’t know what to do next.

Have you ever noticed how easily you are influenced by other people?

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What Breaks Your Heart?
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

Today, I want to tell you a story — an important one — that goes to the heart of why I’m in business for myself.

For the longest time I’ve really not known why I was in business. Oh, I thought I did but it wasn’t really driving me.

Then, starting somewhere around the first of March a series of events started that would change my life — and my business — forever. And as these things usually go, it wasn’t until just in the last week or so that I began to see how this chain of events has impacted me so far, and now, well, who knows what the future will bring?

By Marty Marsh

Stepping Out of the Branding Dressing Room
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If you’re a woman (guys, maybe you go through this too), bathing suit shopping can be a torturous experience. Unless of course you’ve got the body of no complaints, which I find rare even in the most perfect of physiques. Everything you hate about your body seems to be the only parts NOT covered by the lycra, and you remind yourself to bring a big cover up until you actually reach water and then and only then will you disrobe. And quickly get under water so then buoyancy works in your favor and you look great from the shoulders up.

Can I get an Amen?

Well, I’m kinda going through the professional version of this by publicly documenting my own rebrand. I touched upon this in an earlier post that got some amazing comments (thanks!)  of how the vulnerability of the process is challenging but necessary.

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Your Virtual Assistant Can Help with Video Marketing
Sophie Zollmann - Certified Online Business Manager/Social Media Manager

With the economy being so low right now, more and more people are becoming DIY people. DIY stands for Do It Yourself. With some things, people can’t afford to pay for the services so they do it themselves. YouTube and other video sites are gaining in popularity and rightfully so. These types of sites are a great way to learn how to do something yourself. People create videos with step by step visual instructions on how to do something.

If you offer a service that can be done by someone else, you might consider creating a video with instructions to make it happen. Yes, you may lose customers that way, but you may also gain some because people will realize they are not capable of doing it or the just don’t have the time to complete it.

If you’ve ever thought about creating a video for any reason, but can’t bring yourself in front of the camera or you don’t have the right equipment to make it happen, you should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to do it for you. All you would need to do is write up the script and give her any tips that would help make it better. Make sure she has a complete understanding of what you expect and that she knows there may be edits needed if it isn’t what you are looking for.

If hiring a Virtual Assistant to do your video for you is not what you’re looking for, she could do the editing which may include adding music or graphics to the video. Something else to consider would be wording at the bottom or top. If you’re talking about your website or social media sites, it’s a good idea to include the links at the bottom or top so it’s visible as well.

One last thing your Virtual Assistant can do for you is to upload your videos to sites like YouTube and she can market it for you as well. If you don’t have a profile, she can set that up for you and help you invite your market to become friends with you so they will have the ability to view your videos easily and quickly.

Video marketing is a good way to grow your business. Your Virtual Assistant can help make it happen for you easily. She can help you create, edit and post them on various sites on the internet. Add video marketing to your marketing plan with the help of a VA today!

By Sophie Zollmann

Is Social Media Engagement B.S.?
Michele A Scism - Small Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist

I just did a Google search for “Social Media Engagement” and there were 2.1 Million results.  This has become one of the hot topics for social media trainers and professionals everywhere and it seems to be a thorn in the side of all the entrepreneurs who are trying to figure out exactly how to engage their social media audience.

Well I can promise you this is going to ruffle a few feathers because I am going to share with you why I think social media engagement is really B.S. or at least it isn’t as big a deal as everyone seems to think it is.

OK before you start disagreeing with me, let’s agree that engagement might help in S.E.O. and it helps in how often you show up in the Facebook newsfeed but I want to talk about engagement and relationship marketing.

By Michele A Scism

The ABC’s of Motivation
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Pain may sometimes be the reason why people change. Getting flunked grades make us realize that we need to study. Debts remind us of our inability to look for a source of income. Being humiliated gives us the ‘push’ to speak up and fight for ourselves to save our face from the next embarrassments. It may be a bitter experience, a friend’s tragic story, a great movie, or an inspiring book that will help us get up and get just the right amount of motivation we need in order to improve ourselves.

With the countless negativities the world brings about, how do we keep motivated? Try one these tips, from A to Z:

A – Achieve your dreams. Avoid negative people, things and places. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

B – Believe in your self, and in what you can do.

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3 Fast and Easy Marketing Methods When Starting a New Business
Fabienne Fredrickson - Founder of (Previously

If you just started a new business, you may be wondering “What are the most powerful first steps I can take to market your services?” I know it’s overwhelming because there are so many exciting marketing opportunities. However, there are three particular methods that you can count on to jumpstart your business and get the traction you need to begin building.

1. Meet new people through networking

In order to find new clients, you want to meet lots of new people! That’s where networking comes into play. Do a search online to find the networking groups in your area and look for BNI which is also a referral group. Don’t forget about associations as well, which can be a rich source for potential clients. There are also philanthropic groups such as the Lions Club and Rotary Club that work together to help the community or chosen charities.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

How to Backup/Download Your 1ShoppingCart Mailing Lists
Sandra De Freitas - The Tech Coach

So you want to backup or download all of your contacts stored on your 1shoppingcart account? You are in luck. In this article I will give you the step by step way to download a csv files containing your contacts’ information such as the very important name and email address.

First I’ll show you how to download all of your prospects and all of your customers, either separately or all together. I suggest you download them separately if it is important for you to know what list each name and email is associated with.

Then I’ll show you how to download all contacts on a specific autoresponder list (or you can choose multiple autoresponder lists if you don’t need to know what specific list they were on). For eample, I had an autoresponder set up for my affiliates that I downloaded and a few autoresponders for those who bought my book, that I downloaded all together.

By Sandra De Freitas

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