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Researching an Autoresponder Service
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

Take some time researching your autoresponder options, but don’t over-think it. It’s better to get your list started now.

Recently I helped a client get his entire email marketing program up and going and that included helping him choose an autoresponder service — or an ESP: Email Service Provider. You must use an ESP/autoresponder service for a variety of reasons which we’ll discuss in other tips. There are several out there that I can easily recommend, but choosing one all depends on your needs — now and for the future — and what situation you are currently in with your list.

If you don’t yet have a list started, then you must do that now. Don’t wait. If you are brand new to online business and just need to make a decision, you have a couple of good options: Aweber and MailChimp.

You can always change your provider later, but just remember, with some services, like Aweber, it is much easier to start with them than to try to go with them later.

By Marty Marsh

Find Time to be Amazed by Time’s Mysteries
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time to simply take in the amazing mysteries that time presents is something that we seldom let ourselves do.  And yet, those mysteries are with us every moment, as we live and breathe and work and play within time.

Consider how the merest snatch of a song or a scent of lilac or newly mowed grass can bring to mind a moment from long ago as if it were happening right now.  Or think about how time can feel like it ticks by so slowly when you are waiting for a happily anticipated event – meanwhile seeming to rush by at triple speed when you are feverishly trying to meet a deadline.

By Paula Eder

How to Secure Big Joint Venture Partners to Work With You
Fabienne Fredrickson - Founder of (Previously

When you are working to bring your business to the next level, building your list becomes a crucial element of your marketing efforts. One powerful way to do this quickly is by hooking up with big joint venture partners.

Who Should You Partner With?

When seeking joint venture partners, look for:

  • Businesses that serve the same ideal client
  • Coaches who focus on a different aspect of business than you
  • Companies with synergy where you can both benefit or build on each other’s work
By Fabienne Fredrickson

Three Quick Ways to Build Your List
Admin Text-Only Editing - Text Only Admin

Are you working to build an opt-in list of people interested in what you’re offering?  Here are three simple ways to grow that list.

1. Your Website

Put an opt-in form on every page of your website.  With the exception of sales pages where you want your reader to focus on one thing (buying your product/service), every other page of your site pretty much needs to have an opt-in box.

Try your sidebar, your header, your footer, at the end of your posts.  Test out different areas and see what converts best for you.

By Admin Text-Only Editing

You Aren’t Doing it Right if You Don’t Make Mistakes
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I know the subject line of this post seems counter-intuitive, but trust me, mistakes are an important part of being an entrepreneur.

Let me explain in this video:

By Admin Text-Only Editing

What Do You Sell at Your Lemonade Stand?
Justin Krane - Money Strategist for Business Owners

We all start somewhere in business. With my kids, it was their lemonade stand. The problem was, they just weren’t making much money. Something had to change at their lemonade stand if they were going to get those Lakers tickets!

By Justin Krane

Got Any Tips for Writing Copy Specific to Inviting People to Live Events?
Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW) - Love-Based Biz Strategist and Copywriter

Karen Keeney ( sent me this question and it’s perfect since this is event season. (Actually sometimes it feels like it’s always event season but that’s beside the point.)

Getting people to an event is probably one of the most difficult of all marketing tasks. Not only do you need to convince them to plunk down their hard-earned money for a ticket but they also have to pay for all their travel expenses AND they have to carve out valuable time to actually show up.

So how do you do all that?

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

Your Email Marketing Plan
Marty Marsh - Follow-Up & Stay-In-Touch Marketing Strategist

Before you start email marketing, come up with a profit plan. Will you sell your own products, add affiliate links, sell advertising or all of the above?

To be truly successful with an email marketing program you must have a plan. You don’t have to plan out the whole year, but planning for the next couple of months or the next quarter is a good idea. This way you can take advantage of any upcoming holidays or special monthly designations — like Get Organized Month — and nothing will catch you by surprise.

By Marty Marsh

A New Way To Sell, Bill, Collect Donations and Sell Event Tickets Online
Sandra De Freitas - The Tech Coach is the new kid on the block, allowing you to start accepting credit card and e-check payments in under a minute with no set up fees, monthly fees or contracts.

You can use to bill your clients, sell physical products, collect donations for your charity and sell tickets to your events, at a very attractive low fees. They boast the lowest fees on the web!

Are you collecting money for your favorite charity? Set up your donations page, invite others to donate any amount they wish and display a list your of your donors.

By Sandra De Freitas

Finding Time for Decisiveness and Productivity with Priority Power
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time and using it well becomes so much easier when you are clear about your priorities and give yourself permission to be decisive about following through on them.  That’s what I call Priority Power™!

What needs to change from day to day?  What’s indispensable?

You see, the power lies entirely in your hands.  You’re the one who decides.  And it’s a back-and-forth process, in that your decisions shape your priorities, and then your priorities can skillfully shape future decisions.

Building Priority Power™ can help you right from square one, as you create an ideal start to your day.  With your priorities in place, you know your path and everything that’s likely to be on it. Even setbacks and surprises feel more manageable, because you’re familiar with the factors you need to weigh.

By Paula Eder

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