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Time Lies: Unmask Them Today to Free Your Energy!
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Time lies – do they have an impact on you?  Step back and think about it for a second.  When you slog through your day, what is it that slows you down? Sometimes it’s external interruptions or unexpected events.

But, close your eyes and conjure up an image of what it feels like on one of those days when you can’t seem to  get out of your own way.  Invite your inner wisdom to guide you.

Here are the time lies …

Let’s say you see yourself tangled in sticky cobwebs made up of assumptions that obscure your view and slow your progress.  Using your intuition, trace this image to its source. Then replace the time lies that you find with powerful affirmations of time truths.  And don’t forget to celebrate your power when you do this.

By Paula Eder

Inner Guidance Video
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Do you remember in the Star Wars movies the great wisdom that came through the little character, Yoda?

One of his wisdom teachings has stayed with me a long time. I want to offer it to you today.

Luke is asking the wise one, “How do I know the right decision to make? Among all the many decisions, how do I know the one that will be with the Force.”

Yoda looks at him and he says, “You will know through peace and calm. You will know you’re on the right track when you’re not feeling frantic, when you’re not feeling anxious, when you’re not struggling with different parts of yourself. When you get to the right answer and the right decision that is yours, there will be a peace and calm that will come within you and radiate from you.”

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Advertising vs. Publicity: Which Comes Out on Top?
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At first blush, it might seem like advertising would be preferable to publicity.

After all, when you pay for advertising space, you have the right to present  your business as you see fit. You don’t have to worry about someone else misrepresenting what you have to say. You also don’t face the possibility that your message won’t be seen at all, because once you’ve paid for your ad, the publisher is obligated to print it. These things are completely true, but they are also rather short-sighted.

Obviously, getting free publicity is much more economical than buying expensive ad space. But that’s far from the only advantage that publicity has
over paid advertising. Here are a few more:

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Acceptance and Agility Rule: Dance Through Transition Times!
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Acceptance and agility are key when it comes to successfully managing yourself and your time as you navigate transitions.  This has been brought home to me in a small, and very concrete way recently, as the temperatures here in New Hampshire have ranged widely.

In the space of just a few hours we’ve gone from humid summer to crisp fall, and I am quite sure that we’ll go back and forth several times more before we settle fully into the new season.  Transition times are like that – changeable!

Acceptance and Agility Rule

There are two keys to successfully navigating transitions.  These keys apply to any transitions, and they are important and necessary no matter how you feel about your transition.  That’s because transitions always place you on unfamiliar ground – whether you are welcoming of the change or not.

By Paula Eder

Nature’s Inspiration Video
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The photographs in this short video are from award-winning photographer, Ken Jenkins, and they are breathtaking. However, this video is much more than beautiful photographs! Peggy Anderson has compiled beautiful quotations from the likes of Emerson, Thoreau, and many others that truly capture the beauty of nature and solitude. Check it out…

” target=”_blank”>Watch Nature’s Inspiration

If you like this video clip, I encourage you to Share it with the world and join me on my mission to empower and inspire millions of people around the globe.

At the end of this video you’ll see simple instructions on how you can help.

Together we can spread words of Encouragement, Inspiration & Empowerment one video at a time… and wouldn’t you agree our world could use a little more “Positivity” these days!

Together we can make a difference…

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5 Strategies to Become Highly Successful and Get More Done
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Business owner’s To Do lists are endless … I mean there is so much to do all the time that it feels like a never-ending cycle of To Do lists! And they can spend all day being “busy” but at the end of the day never feel like they’ve accomplished anything…

… they still don’t have a full practice of ideal clients.
… their marketing systems are hit-or-miss.
… they do not have consistent cash flow.

But how can this be? They’ve been busy all day long!

The thing is they’ve been busy doing all the WRONG things … focusing on those things that are easy but do not relate directly to their bottom line. For example…

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No, I’m NOT Getting Married and Other Rumors Dispelled
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Have you ever started a conversation on Facebook that turned into a game of Telephone? You remember that game, it’s where you whisper something to person number one, then they whisper it to person number 2, and so on until person number 10 tells a completely different message than originally started.

A couple days ago I posted something on Facebook about my last name, and as the comments ensued we started joking about marriages and exes and last names and changing names… which then prompted a friend to jokingly ask when my wedding was going to be… which led to my saying “Not happening!”, which led to a congratulations getting sent to me by another friend! Ay ay ay, how did this happen, I asked myself.

Hearsay, rumors, urban legends… nothing like social media to spread things like wildfire! Messages spread quickly on the web so watch what you say.

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Do You Dare?
Lisa Bloom - Speaker, Author, Coach, Storyteller

You know it amazes me how many people don’t dare to tell their story.

Is it that you don’t realize how powerful it is?

Or perhaps you think it’s not interesting enough?

Maybe you’re sure that no-one wants to hear it?

Well, none of that is true.

Your story is really important and you need to tell it. For you and for your business.

By Lisa Bloom

Stay Focused Tip #3: Hit the Unsubscribe Key
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Unsubscribe from ezines that no longer serve you – and, yes, I realize I may be shooting myself in the foot when I say this to you. But having fewer emails landing in your inbox will really make a difference to your inbox overwhelm and will allow you to focus only on those mentors/teachers that serve you best.

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6 Reasons You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant For Your Business
Sophie Zollmann - Certified Online Business Manager/Social Media Manager

There are a number of reasons why hiring a Virtual Assistant is the best way to go for your business. The main reason is the money you’ll save up front and in the future. Here are several reasons for you to consider when thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you grow your business.

1. Computer

When you have someone work with you in your office or home you need to purchase a computer for them. While the cost of a computer is going down, it’s still a cost you would have for this person. When you hire a Virtual Assistant the computer purchase is her responsibility. The upkeep and making sure programs she uses are updated are also her responsibility.

By Sophie Zollmann

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