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13 Things You Don’t Know About Your One-to-one Clients
Laureen Wishom - The Growth * Success * Acceleration Expert

If, from time to time, you are required to work one-to-one with certain clients, this list is just for you.

1. Oftentimes, clients know the solutions to their problems; they just need you to boldly go where they are uncomfortable treading.

2. Remember your client’s name at all costs. When you are being introduced to your client’s associates, shake hands, trade business cards, and, above all, remember their names.

3. Keep your ego in your pocket. Remember that you are getting paid to help the client be successful, not to make the client wrong so that you can be right.

4. Remember: clients often know the right answer for them better than you do; you just need to help them discover it.

By Laureen Wishom

Sleep Time Soothes and Refreshes: Use Affirmations to Get the Rest You Need
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Sleep time is such an important part of each and every day.  It nourishes and sustains our minds, our bodies, and our spirits.

Yet, our sleep time is often squeezed by other things.  How many times have you stayed up late in order to finish a project or do “just-one-more-thing”?  How many nights have you tossed and turned as you struggled to quiet your worries, stresses or conflicts?

Sleep time can be hard to come by.  But if we sacrifice sleep for other priorities, or if we try to sleep but insomnia keeps us wakeful, we pay a price.  Energy dwindles, maintaining focus becomes a challenge, and productivity plummets.  Indeed, whatever we think we might gain by burning the candle at both ends is really an illusion.

By Paula Eder

Marketing For Your Business
Justin Krane - Money Strategist for Business Owners

Where will your marketing take you in 2014?

2012.  How’d your biz do?  I hope you crushed it.  For 2014 (that’s right 2014), I want you to have a year like you have never imagined. If you make 2013 the year of marketing, you could have a killer 2014!

Marketing takes time – usually 12 to 18 months for a campaign to really kick in and give you results.  For 2013, I’d like you to double the amount of money that you spend on marketing.  Last year I looked at a bunch of profit loss statements from small businesses.  They were spending 2-5% on marketing.  That’s not enough! Double down. Try spending between 5-10% of your business revenue on marketing. Get serious.  I am challenging you to do that right here.  If you don’t, than you will get the same results for 2013.

By Justin Krane

Chain of Kindness Video
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Sometimes a good deed might seem to go unnoticed, but rarely do our good deeds come back to us from the person we give them to. It’s always from our heart that they return.

This fun video represents what happens when we do something kind, but it also demonstrates what happens when we plant a seed – no matter how small – good or bad; it blossoms. Make random acts of kindness a natural instinct in your life and you’ll find yourself on the receiving end when you least expect it!

If you like this video clip, I encourage you to Share it with the world and join me on my mission to empower and inspire millions of people around the globe.

At the end of this video you’ll see simple instructions on how you can help.

Together we can spread words of Encouragement, Inspiration & Empowerment one video at a time… and wouldn’t you agree our world could use a little more “Positivity” these days!

Together we can make a difference…

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The Perfect Pitch for Bloggers
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Do you want increased exposure and visibility? Then you need to add blogs to the media outlets you want publicity from. After all, bloggers have a great network and can really help promote you and your business.

But convincing a blogger to write about you, your business, product or service isn’t as simple as it looks.

Some consistently break the first rule, completely wasting their time and making their efforts reaching the blogger futile.

So what is the first rule you need to know?  DO NOT GIVE BLOGGERS A CANNED PRESS RELEASE; THEY HATE IT!

Just because you won’t be sending a blogger a press release doesn’t mean they don’t value some of the same information as traditional journalists.

By Admin Text-Only Editing

What Can You Do Differently? Top Strategies for Growth and Success in Business
Laureen Wishom - The Growth * Success * Acceleration Expert

Here is my best list of strategies for growth and success in business:

1. Why not chose a counter-intuitive strategy – do not cut back as dramatically as a lot of other businesses are doing. Instead why not retain your talent base (team) and implement an assertive sales and marketing program.

The outcome could be that you are well positioned to take advantage of the improved economic and market conditions.

2. Consider growing your brand in a short time frame by creating a product that fills a void in the marketplace. Listen to your customers directly via social media and respond to what they and need.

By Laureen Wishom

Regrets? No Way!
Lisa Bloom - Speaker, Author, Coach, Storyteller

Do you ever wonder what would have happened?

Do you ever think about the other choice you could have made?

Do you ever imagine the alternative?

It was a particularly windy day and bitterly cold.  I was waiting for the bus, I was late.  The first bus was so full that the driver hadn’t even stopped.  It looked like rain.  I hugged my coat around me, glad that I had remembered my scarf.

Finally I saw the bus approaching in the distance.  I gathered my bag, counting out my fare.   It was after I paid, took the ticket from the driver and glanced down the bus that I saw him.  It felt like an electric shock; a jolt so strong I was sure that the whole bus felt it.

By Lisa Bloom

Templates: Save Time Using These Powerful Productivity Tools
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Templates are powerful tools that are easy to create and can save you untold time and energy.  This is especially true for tasks that are done repeatedly.

A good, and timely, example is a task like putting away holiday decorations.  Or how about  packing for a business trip?  There are so many possibilities.

Templates:  Make Them Part of Your Routine

The more you use templates, the more ways you’ll discover to save time with them.

For example, are there clusters of tasks you combine when you go to town to do errands? Keep a list of the stores you visit, in sequence, and the supplies you regularly pick up.  Or you may already have a template for grocery shopping, broken down by the arrangement of the aisles in the store.  You can really zip through a task like grocery shopping when you have a template that works for you!

By Paula Eder

Crazy Busy? Got Time Management?
Justin Krane - Money Strategist for Business Owners

Solid time management skills will make your life much easier.

Me: Hey how are you doing?  How are things?

Joe: Great. I am soooo busy. Crazy busy. Where does all of the time go?

Me: How’s business?

Joe:  I’m doing really well.  Just got back from New York.  I have tons of things going on this week – a bunch of meetings and a few events. Hey I gotta run. Let’s catch up soon. I will find you on Facebook.

By Justin Krane

Have You Embraced Your Audaciously Savvy Business Woman (or Man)?
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I am sitting at the helm of a workshop leading a group of women deeper into discovering more about their innermost passions, strengths and gifts and more importantly guiding them into claiming these precious jewels. The energy in the room is palpable…not a single tone but a mixture of waves of different rhythms …slow moving, tight & constricted waves, little bursts of sparks, and big rolling crescendos. I know these energetic waves by how they feel and we talk about them by the name of how we label them: fear, doubt, and stuck energies to hope, courage, and all out inspirational flow.

Some of the women are looking away in quiet resistance wondering if I will call on her next to step into her Audaciously Savvy Inner Business Woman. A couple of women are giving me quick glances and are starting to claim within themselves that it’s time to claim her beauty and brilliance. And then one looks up and looks directly at me. She knows it’s her time to claim her beauty even though no words have been spoken.

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