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To Host Or Not To Host Your List
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Obviously, one of the most important thing in having an email list is having some kind of service that will allow you to collect email addresses and email those you collect.

There are two options you have when it comes to such services – hosted and self-hosted.

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Design the Life You Desire With a Life Plan
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When you engage in active planning, you’re highly likely to be more successful in life. You know what you want and how you intend to get it.

Maybe you already have your life all planned out. Maybe you don’t. Either way, these tips will help you devise or tweak your Life Plan so you can move forward toward realizing the joy and fulfillment you deserve.

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Cinnamon Rolls, Breast Cancer and Your Business — How Doing Good Can Grow Your Business
Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW) - Love-Based Biz Strategist and Copywriter

It can make good marketing sense to partner with a nonprofit or cause.

Consider what my marathon friends did when they were raising money to participate in the 3-Day Walk (you walk 60 miles in 3 days to promote breast cancer awareness and raise money for research). They approached a local restaurant called Backburner, which was famous for their cinnamon rolls. For a week, every time someone bought a cinnamon roll, they donated $1 to my friends for their walk.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

3 Essential Shifts to Handle Your Fears, Own Your Expertise and Get Out of Your Own Way
Christine Gallagher - Online and Relationship Marketing Mentor and Coach

Often, the only person standing in the way of what we want… is us. Yes, there are always circumstances and people out of our control, and unexpected roadblocks that come up.

But more often than not, it’s our “stuff.”

By Christine Gallagher

Anger Snagged You? How to Transform Its Energy and Find More Time!
Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Anger is a very challenging feeling for many of us – one that eats up more time than we may like to admit.

What if you reframe your anger today as a useful signal that something needs to change? And then what if you promise yourself that you will grow to meet this important challenge? Keep that promise and you stand in your power.

By Paula Eder

Are You Using This Marketing Tool?
Michele A Scism - Small Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist

Today, I want to spend some time discussing an often overlooked marketing tool – the teleseminar.

I am a huge fan of teleseminars because I know how they can change your business. I am a perfect example! My first teleseminar was about six months into my business and I not only used it to build my list, but I also used it to create a product. That teleseminar class “How I Grew My Facebook Fan Page from 1 to 1026 Fans in 30 days,” converted nicely into my first product that has garnered me over $8000 since it’s debut in 2010. Not bad for a week’s worth of work, right? Now, I try to hold several teleseminars a year myself. I also regularly participate in other entrepreneur’s teleseminars.

By Michele A Scism

Bland, Boring Marketing Begone
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Are you marketing campaigns not working well (meaning you aren’t getting the clients you want!)? It’s time to take a look at what you’re trying to do. Is it exciting? Is it eye catching? Is it unique? If not, you’re campaign is likely too bland to get anywhere.

It used to be that simply advertising your business could get you more than enough customers, but that’s not case anymore. Look around you. There are advertisements EVERYWHERE, in every medium.

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Small Accomplishments That Achieve Big Results
Laureen Wishom - The Growth * Success * Acceleration Expert

I received a call from someone I mentored several years ago. We had not spoken for a while. It was great to hear from her. She asked me to give her some encouraging words that could help her as she continues to grow personally and professionally.

Here are my encouraging words:

By Laureen Wishom

Do You Struggle With Commitment?
Fabienne Fredrickson - Founder of (Previously

Do you waffle on the commitments you make? Maybe you make promises to yourself to clean your house or exercise regularly. You get started, but then in time, it fizzles out. This lack of commitment often stems from a self esteem issue.

I saw a speaker this year who talked about this exact topic. She said, “Commitment equals results.” If you want to lose weight or get more clients, you need to look at your level of commitment around whatever it is you’re striving for.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

That Nasty 9 Letter Word
Michele A Scism - Small Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, marketing is something you dread. I’ve found that entrepreneurs typically fall into one of two camps.

1. They create a sales page and wait for ideal clients to throw money at them. If that doesn’t work, they try to mention it a few times on Facebook and Twitter.


2. They market, market, market but they don’t make it to the point where they can actually make an offer or ask for the sale.

Either camp isn’t very effective and tends to lead to a ton of frustration. They feel like they’re investing all this time, energy, and money but not getting any results.

By Michele A Scism

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