10 Ways You Are REPELLING Money

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If asking for “the sale” feels icky to you, it’s likely (99.9% of the time) a symptom of a bigger problem. You may not see your value, know (exactly) what your ideal clients need, or know how to share your offer in a way that feels natural and authentic to you.

It’s such a powerful shift when you realize that people aren’t giving you money. Instead they are investing in themselves and their results through you. (It took me a while to see that so take your time letting that one really sink in.)

In an effort to help you stop repelling money in your business, I put together a top 10 list for you today. I see these mistakes all. the. time.

As you read this list, I challenge you to find yourself in one – or more – of these mistakes. Awareness is a powerful tool that helps you to shift your thinking so you can take new action and create NEW results.

The 10 Ways You Are Repelling Money In Your Business

1. Your “to do” list is created around what shows up in your email inbox.

This common mistake screams “reactive” instead of “proactive”. It’s an example of letting your business happen to you instead of the other way around.

I wonder…what is possible for you when you take the lead and plan your day based on what you already know to be most important? Embrace your role as CEO and decide what needs to happen before you open your email.

2. You send out emails – but don’t pick up the phone.

We live in a busy world, I soooo get that. And you don’t want to “bother” anyone.

Sales isn’t about being salesy. Sales is about being of service.

I love the surprise that I hear in the other person’s voice when they realize that they are important enough to me that I actually did something crazy – I picked up the phone to call them to follow up.

If someone set up a time to connect with you, they are most likely hoping that you are the solution that they are looking for. Help them to take a step that they want to take – but are afraid to do so. Help them to see what’s possible in their life if they work with you.

(One of the bonuses in the Fast Track to Clients program includes a done for you script and training on how to have an easy and authentic sales conversation, too, if that’s something you are seeking.)

3. You blame the economy, not having enough time or money, as the reason that your business hasn’t taken off like you want it to.

Wanna know a secret?

Once you take full responsibility for the results in your life and your business, evvvvverything changes. How many times have you heard successful people say that playing the victim card helped them to achieve their biggest goals and dreams?

I’m calling you out and up right here – you have a responsibility to build your business and serve more people.

What would you do differently if I told you that I would give you $1,000,000,000 if you achieved your goals by the end of the year? (Hint: Do those activities. Stepping up like that is what it’s like to take full responsibility for your results.)

Those desires and dreams that you have? I whole heartedly believe you are only given dreams and desires that are possible for you. If you can dream it, it’s your job to create it.

4. Marketing? Positioning? What’s that?

When you learn how to effectively market yourself and your business, and it becomes a habit, your bank account starts to fill up, quickly. Marketing isn’t a “one time thing” unless you want to get a “one time result”.

5. You haven’t invested in yourself or your business…yet, you ask your clients to invest in themselves through you.

This is why so many people feel like a fraud in their coaching business – they aren’t doing the very thing that they ask their clients to do. Do you see the incongruence here?

6. You are looking for that “one thing” that will skyrocket your results.

The process of building your business isn’t just a new marketing strategy or a fancy new tactic. It’s a process. An amazing evolution.

Building your business requires that you do the inner work on yourself, too. Being an entrepreneur is the most wild, amazing, exhausting and exciting adventure that you’ll ever go on.

It’s never just “one thing”.

7. You are waiting until you have the confidence to put yourself out there.

Action brings clarity and confidence, not the other way around. “Waiting” tells the universe you aren’t fully committed just yet. And if you aren’t fully committed then the universe will wait until you are.

My motto? If you aren’t making at least a few mistakes, then you aren’t moving fast enough. So go on, get out there before everything is “perfect”.

8. Once you get “lots of clients” you plan to get the business and marketing support that you know you need.

This is another perfect example of waiting to get into action. I will tell you that I was completely freaked out when I first invested in myself. I had never written a check that big for any ONE thing in my life.

Just as I was completely freaked out, it was also the best decision that I ever made. The ROI on an investment in yourself and your business is limitless if you apply yourself and do the work.

Getting the support and training that you need isn’t an expense – it’s an investment.

I continue to invest in myself with a coach now and see the value it brings in helping me to step up and not be afraid. That feeling of fear in the pit of stomach? That’s usually a sign that I need to seriously consider doing whatever opportunity is in front of me.

9. You see money as being more valuable than your time.

You can always attract more money into your life and your business. You can work with more clients or get creative about how to bring more income into your bank account. More money can always be created, manifested, attracted, or earned.

Have you ever tried to put time back into your life? (Hint: it doesn’t work.)

10. You are going to read one more book and then you’ll be successful.

I wish it was this easy! If just reading the material or listening to a single training was the answer, there would be only one self help book and one diet book. And everyone would be happy and their ideal weight.

Is that the case?

The value and power of structure, accountability and a proven framework will help you to achieve what you most want in your life and business. It’s crazy, but structure and accountability actually create freedom.

What step are you committing to today so that you tell the universe that you are ready for new results in your life and business?

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