17.5 Audacious, Awesome, and Amazing Strategies for Elevating Your Brand – Part 2

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Laureen Wishom - The Growth * Success * Acceleration Expert

In part 1 of 17.5 Audacious, Awesome, and Amazing Strategies for Elevating Your Brand, I gave you my most audacious, awesome and amazing strategies for elevating your brand.

This post will continue with more strategies for elevating your brand for long-term success.

Are you ready?

4. Be a networking group leader: Join an appropriate networking group and become a leader and thought game-changer.

Acquiring these opportunities to become a leader and show the community how much you know about your field of expertise, will certainly bring more awareness to you, your company and propel your brand forward.

5. Reconcile your public perception: Take a moment to get feedback on your brand and how you currently show up in the world. The brand we believe we have and the perception of ourselves in the outside world often times may not be the same.

It’s hard to take a look at ourselves, so it is well worth it to improve whom we are by listening to the public’s perception.

After all, your brand is not what you say it is, it is what others say it is.

6. Increase your ‘human’ factor online: Increasing your personal brand is about clarity, commitment, consistency and the ‘human’ factor you want to portray when elevating your brand online.  Encourage your ‘offline’ contacts and fans to interact with your online community for elevating your brand to a larger marketplace.

These offline contacts typically know you personally and know your brand very well.  By them coming to your online sites and engaging with your online community… well they bring that ‘human’ factor to that community.

Your offline peeps can provide credibility to the readers who do not know you… then they can get a sense of what you are ‘really like’ as a person.

When your offline peeps allude to or directly talk about their offline interactions they had with you in a very natural and normal way… it shows how your offline life is consistent with your online brand and how you are an authentic person, with real felling and interactions.

7. It’s all about the company you keep: Have you ever heard of ‘guilt by association’?  Well, it works in the other direction too. One of the best ways for elevating your personal brand is to create genuine relationships with other well-respected individuals in your industry and niche.

By cultivating relationships (and emailing a person once doesn’t count as a relationship), you gain a sense of credibility from the company you keep. Plus, you can also gain access to those individual fans that overlap with the company you keep.

This is a strategy that takes time, but is worthwhile over the long haul and will not only give you the most bang for your buck, but also the most long-term credibility.

Action Items:

1. Stay tuned for part 3 of 17.5 Audacious, Awesome, and Amazing Strategies for Elevating Your Brand.

2.  Ask Yourself Are You a Brand and Are You Branding?

3.  Schedule a complementary Strategey Session and find our how I can help you build a successful brand profile or better yet take advantage of my Breakthrough Intensive VIP Day.

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