3 Big Reasons Nobody Is Signing Up for Your Webinar

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Michele A Scism - Small Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist

Imagine putting your heart and soul to creating a webinar to build your email list. You’ve got your content, you are asking your email list to attend, you are even running Facebook ads. And, yet, nobody is biting. You’ve heard that 40% conversion is the goal – but your webinar page is struggling to hit double digits. What’s wrong?

Chances are, your webinar sign up page has one or more of the following problems. Take a look…

Problem 1: Nobody is Interested in Your Topic

Before you even think of scheduling a webinar, you need to do your market research first. You need to find out what your market wants, and then give it to them.

One good way to do this is to find out what they’re already buying. If they’re buying books and programs on certain programs, it is a safe bet that they will be interested in free information on that topic too.

For example, if there are big ticket programs launching around how to do Facebook ads, you might want to offer a webinar on part of that topic too. You could teach how to write a Facebook ad, or how to split test your ads for maximum results. Take the juiciest part of the topic that you know the best, and write a webinar about that.

Just be sure you create something that’s highly desirable and valuable. If the webinar isn’t a class you’d be able to sell (and make a lot of money doing so), then you shouldn’t be offering it for free. Your offer needs to be SO good that people are excited to give up 60 to 90 minutes of their valuable time to hear what you have to say.

Next up…

Problem 2: Your Webinar Registration Page Looks Like It Was Designed By A Kindergartner

A web page that screams “amateur hour” could have your prospects hitting the back button as soon as they land on your page. Unfairly or not, people do judge a book by its cover – and they judge the quality of your teaching and coaching based on your site design.

The easiest way to get a clean looking page is to invest in a squeeze page designer – like LeadPages, Click Funnels or Thrive Themes.

Problem 3: Your Sales Copy Stinks

You could have the most awesome and in-demand webinar topic on the whole planet, but your conversion rate will be pretty dismal if the sales copy doesn’t convey this awesomeness.

Take note, your sales copy doesn’t need to be long. However, it should include the following at a bare minimum:

  • A benefit-driven, attention-getting headline.
  • A list of the main benefits people will get when they join your list.
  • A strong call to action, along with a reason why they should join now.

If you’re not a copywriter, check out Outsource Easier or the Time Traders Club to find someone to help you!

Your webinar sign up page can literally make all the difference between you running a successful, profitable business this year… or washing out over the next few months. So choose success by polishing your sales page using the tips above – you’ll be glad you did.

Want step by step instructions on how to create a webinar that sells?

Check out our class – Product Success Secrets.


Michele Scism is a decisive, driven and committed entrepreneur who helps successful business owners create passive income streams so they can stop working so hard and start enjoying the benefits of entrepreneurship.

Michele’s business expertise has been highlighted recently on NBC, CBS, Fox, Entrepreneur.com and Forbes.com. She is an international speaker, best-selling author and the Founder of Decisive Minds.

She is a serial entrepreneur who knows how it feels to fail miserably at business, at one time the bank actually called demanding their $1.5 million back, and also knows how it feels to sign the contract to sell your company for $9 million dollars. For business building tips visit http://DecisiveMinds.com

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