3 Hot Ideas for Repurposing Your Videos

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Creating high-quality videos can seem like an undertaking, but with a little pre-planning and post-production work, you can leverage your video content for multiple uses.

Here are 3 easy and profitable ideas for repurposing your next video or video series:

Hot Video Idea #1 – Record Different Endings

If you’re recording a video on content that is foundational to your work – for example, part of your signature system – record separate endings. This way, you can use the video over and over again for different offers.

For example, use your basic content video as a lead-in for an offer to:

  • Opt-in for your free give away
  • Apply for a Discovery Session
  • Sign-up for a VIP Day
  • Join a membership site
  • Register for a workshop or retreat
  • Get on an early-notification list for an upcoming offer.

Bonus Tip: If you’ve already recorded the video, have an editor overlay the ending with a written offer directing the viewer to a website page for more information. You may need to edit the video further if you referenced another offer, but it’s still less expensive than recording an all-new video.

Hot Video Idea #2 – Transcribe Your Video Content

A written transcription of your video content can be edited or divided into segments and used in a variety of ways.
For example, you can use the transcript to create:

  • Worksheets, templates, and checklists to accompany the video or other training
  • Bonus giveaways for other offers
  • Free Special Reports
  • Quotable content for social media updates
  • Articles or blog posts
  • A collection of tips that can be sent as an email series

Bonus Tip: If you have multiple, related videos, package them with the transcripts and worksheets as a home study program or as a free, downloadable training series special bonus.

Hot Video Idea #3 – Use the Audio As A Stand-Alone

Sometimes audio is the best medium for delivering content, especially with clients who have trouble streaming video over their Internet connection. There are also people who enjoy listening to your content rather than watching and hearing it at the same time. Using just the audio is also great for situations where the video contents are still powerful but the visual images are dated.

You can use the audio portion of your videos to create:

  • A downloadable home study program, including worksheets and templates also pulled from the written transcript of the video
  • An email course, using audio segments of a longer video or audio from multiple videos
  • Audio supplements to accompany blog posts or as a resource on a membership site
  • A tip series designed for posting on social media sites

Bonus Tip: If your video content lends itself to a Q&A format, have a colleague record questions and hire an audio tech to mix them with segments from the video that answer those questions. You can use the new audio file as a FAQ for website visitors or news media and PR purposes.

Video is a wonderful, multi-purpose marketing and information delivery tool. Make the most of all of your video files – get creative and repurpose them for greater impact and profit!

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