3 Keys To Crafting An Amazing Elevator Pitch

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Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW) - Love-Based Biz Strategist and Copywriter

“So what do you do?

Are those the words that haunt your nightmares? Cause you to flee in terror at networking events?

If so, you’re not alone. Lots and lots of entrepreneurs struggle with the “what-do-you-do-in-30-seconds-or-less” statement. That’s why today I thought I’d give you 3 keys to creating an elevator pitch that rocks.

1. Just like not knowing what to say when you introduce yourself keeps you up at night, your elevator pitch should touch on what’s keeping your ideal clients up at night. This can either be obvious (i.e. I coach mompreneurs who are constantly feeling torn between their business and their family) or implied in the solution (i.e. I coach mompreneurs on how they can easily balance being a mom with being an entrepreneur and feel great doing it).

Your ideal clients are searching for a solution to what’s keeping them up at night, so you want to make it clear YOU are the one who has the solution — otherwise you run the risk of seeing their eyes glaze over as they nod their head and move to the next person.

Your ideal clients are searching for THE solution to a problem. Make it clear YOU have it!

2. Make it about them. In other words, make sure you touch on the transformation they’ll get working with you. Like the above example — I coach mompreneurs on how they can easily balance being a mom with being an entrepreneur and feel great doing it — you want to focus on the “hope” or what their life could be like after working with you. That’s what will make their eyes light up and inspire them to ask more questions.

Now, note I said “focus on the transformation” NOT “focus on your system.” So do NOT say “I have a great home study course for mompreneurs where I teach them my 7-step system on how to balance their life and business.” And then launch into describing the system. Your ideal clients don’t care about your system — they care about getting the results they want. So talking about your system is the fastest way to have them edging toward the bar for another drink.

Your elevator pitch should focus on your clients’ transformation, not YOUR system.

3. Use active verbs. In other words, avoid “I have” or “I am” but instead say “I teach,” “I consult” or “I coach.” If you are a coach, I like saying “I coach” because then people also realize you’re a coach without you saying you’re a coach.

I know sometimes when I’ve gotten lost in entrepreneurs’ elevator pitches, I’ll resort to asking them “So are you a coach? Do you coach them on X?” Because that grounds it for me and gives me some context. When you either get too clever or try and disguise what you do, it can be confusing. (And the last thing you want to be is confusing to your ideal clients.)

Above all, don’t be afraid of testing different elevator pitches to see which one “sticks.” The only way you’re going to really know or don’t know what works is to let the market tell you (i.e. actually say it to your ideal prospects and see what sort of response you get). So don’t feel bad if your first few tries don’t get the desired response — it’s all about testing and tweaking until you get the desired response.

Considered one of the hottest direct response copywriters and marketing consultants in the industry today, Michele PW (Michele Pariza Wacek) has a reputation for crafting copy and creating online and offline marketing campaigns that get results. Michele is also a national speaker and the bestselling author of the “Love-Based Copywriting" books that teach people how to write copy that attracts, inspires and invites. She has also completed two novels. Grab your FREE Love-Based Biz Kit

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