3 Steps to Beat Procrastination

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Have you ever procrastinated?

Have you ever felt really annoyed at yourself for putting off doing something important?

What about this: Have you finally gotten around to doing that thing you were avoiding and realized that the task at hand was actually easy – and that worrying about it was actually the worst part?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, welcome to being human.

The good news? You aren’t alone. Every single person on this planet faces resistance.

The bad news? We need to nip this in the bud so that you can get busy making more money and serving more clients, OK?

Procrastination can easily become a habit, which is where it really get dangerous.

So, in an effort to abolish procrastination all together, I have come up with an easy 3 step process.

1. Become Aware

To begin, you must be able to recognize when you are resisting something. It sounds too easy, I know, but building your awareness muscle in your brain is so vitally important. You can’t address what you don’t acknowledge.

Resistance is often caused by beliefs or actions that aren’t in alignment.

For example, if you say you want to write a best selling book and find yourself postponing sitting down to write it, a couple of things might be going on.

You say you want to write a best selling book…but, do you really believe that you can write one? Is there possibly a fear of being seen underneath the procrastination? Or a fear of failure? Is writing a bestseller on someone else’s agenda and not yours?

Getting clear about what is causing you to procrastinate is the single most important piece of this process (and will lead to substantially more income and more clients coming your way). So, don’t skip this part, OK?

2. Exercise Your Right to Choose

This step is only possible when you get clear about why and what you are resisting (Step 1, above).

When you notice that you are putting off the start date for your diet or avoiding networking events, it’s time to make a powerful choice. (And this is where having a clear vision is so valuable.)

What is your reason for building your business or starting that diet? What is the amazing outcome that you see in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months?

Three emotions can lead to profound change.

Disgust: Tired of seeing the scale going up, up, up? If you’ve ever hit a point where you said, “enough is enough”, then disgust may have been the emotion that led to your changed behavior.

Decision: Have you really decided that you are going to earn more this year than last? (Hint: if you have a back up plan, then you probably haven’t fully committed.)

Resolve: Iron-will determination. We’ve all seen someone and just known, “he’s really going to do that thing” judging only by the look in his eyes. That’s what resolve is.

When you are aware of your resistance, then – and only then – can you choose your response.

When I work with clients and help them to see that they have a choice, it’s so powerful to see the relief that they experience. They realize that they don’t have to keep doing what they’ve always been doing.

All that they need to do is to notice (step 1) and choose (step 2).

3. Get Into Action

Action is the antidote to fear.

All that you need to do is to take one step today. I am giving you permission right here and now that it can be a super small step.

Possible actions can include sending an email, making a phone call, brainstorming for 15 minutes or sketching a rough outline. Your action doesn’t have to be profound, it just has to take place each and every day.

Practice making decisions and getting into action and it’ll become your new habit. (And that, by the way, is a habit that will take you onto serving more clients and making more money in your business.)

What have you been putting off? Commit to making one small step today. You CAN do this!

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