3 Steps to Move from 1:1 Coaching to Multiple Income Streams

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Creating and offering new ways to work with clients – such as group programs, teleseminars, live events or products – is a fantastic way to leverage your time and open you up to new and exciting ways to grow your business.

Sound daunting given your current schedule? Take heart. Transitioning your 1:1 coaching business to a more leveraged model is simple if you follow a few key steps.

It starts by shifting the way you currently handle your private clients. Here are 3 simple but powerful steps that will free up your time (and increase your income!) so you can start growing your business with new streams of income.

Step 1. Start with Making the Switch from Monthly Coaching to 6-12 Month Packages

A business relationship that allows for an “easy out” each month actually limits your clients! By shifting away from the month-to-month mindset, you create an opportunity for them to realize a deeper commitment to their transformation.

Start offering only longer-term coaching packages and programs that are specifically targeted and designed for quantum leaps. Also called “Platinum Style” coaching, your programs might include in-person retreats, “done-for-you” materials, email access, group learning events – even bonus goodies.

Longer programs create a steady stream of income. Before you know it, you’ll have greatly reduced the monthly anxiety of wondering how many of your month-to-month clients will continue

Step 2. Next, Raise Your Rates

A longer coaching agreement does not mean you discount your current rates for “buying in bulk”. That’s because platinum style programs include more than just coaching sessions. They’re also more valuable than the sum total of the additional content you include.

Think of your new coaching packages as exclusive experiences designed to empower and inspire clients. Platinum style means that what you’re offering is of greater value than routine coaching sessions plus some “extras.” Create your programs with the intention of helping your clients make quantum leaps forward and you’ll find it much easier to shift your mindset around premium pricing.

Step 3. Now, Reduce Session Times and Frequency

Coaching sessions longer than 45 minutes are not efficient for you or your client. While it may seem generous to offer 60-minute sessions, it’s actually giving clients permission to get mired in story and spin in circles with decision making.

Cut your programs to 1-2 sessions per month and you’ll see a big change in the outcome of each session. Breakthroughs come more quickly when clients know their sessions are limited and that each one is going to be laser focused on the major issues. They’ll come more prepared too. And you’ll suddenly have a lot more time to create new products and programs.

Private coaching clients will always be the heart of your business! The exciting part is that you when you offer higher end 1:1 coaching programs, you’ll attract clients who are ready to do the work. And you can focus on masterful coaching and deeper transformations, all while charging higher fees.

With fewer private clients at higher rates, you will then be ready to layer in new revenue streams that will not only bring in more money, they’ll help you create more impact and a more powerful brand!

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