3 Tips to Improve Your Article Writing

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The ability to write great content is so important in this day and age. It’s part science and part art. As a business owner it’s important that you feel confident and comfortable writing content for your business. Content is too important to disregard or not take seriously.

Writing is one of those things that, the more you do it,  the better you get. So the good news is that even if you’re not presently comfortable with your writing skills there are simple things you can do to improve your article writing.

Tip #1 – Brainstorm Your Framework

Before you sit down to string sentences together, taking a few minutes to create a structure for your article that will make the article writing process easier and faster. It also helps ensure your article stays on topic and has a logical flow.

Think of it as a very informal outline. Creating this outline before you write also helps you establish the points you want to cover so you can basically fill in the meat of the subject matter around the framework you created.

Tip #2 – Write Like You Speak

If you are writing for a website, try using conversational writing.  Conversational writing is informal and basically means that you “write like you talk.”

Conversational writing uses contractions and the word “you” occasionally. And it can break a few grammar rules when necessary and still flow and be a good story.
Conversational writing is personal, effective, and helps your reader feel like you’re writing directly to them. So, the next time you’re writing an article, pretend you’re talking or writing a letter to a friend. You can also try voice-to-text software. It records and automatically transcribes your spoken content to help you write conversationally.

Tip #3 – Add Keywords after You Write Your Article

Keywords are used for search engines not for real people. You want to first write for your readers. Search engines and readers are pretty savvy now so throwing in keywords just to rank higher in the search engines will backfire on you. A well written article will get positive response from both.

Write your article first without worrying about keyword placement because there’s a good chance your article will feel forced if you focus on inserting keywords as you write. Complete your article using the words that come naturally to you at the time. Once done,  go back and find places where your keywords will sound natural. A good rule of thumb is to include them in your subheadings along with your first and last paragraph.

Write often, write conversationally, plan your content and focus on keywords after the fact. Practice, practice, practice.

The more you write articles, the more comfortable you’ll become with the process.

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