5 Signs You Are Under Charging

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If you are reading this today, chances are pretty high that you’d like to make more money in your business.

Raising the investment level to work with you is one way to do that.

For a price increase (or to charge a client any amount of money), you must be able to communicate the value of what you offer.

Lots of people get stuck here and don’t earn much money in their business because of it. Nine times out of ten, it boils down to their core fear of being seen.

It can feel scary when you are stepping up and building your business. I get it. Instead of arguing about why that story is true for you, let’s work together to get you through this, OK?

5 Signs that you aren’t communicating your value (and are charging waaaayyyy too little):

You say things like…

“I’m just a photographer….” Or “I’m just a coach…”

“I’m not that special. I can’t charge much for my services.”

“I just need ONE more certification and then I’ll raise my rates…”

“If I’m really that good then people should just find me. I shouldn’t have to market myself. I mean, I have a website.”

“This stuff is so easy for me. No one would pay for this.”

Do any of those sound familiar?

If they do, then congratulations! You can now raise the investment level to work with you (raise it 5x!). And, congratulations because you’ve just discovered a gold mine. By working on how you think (you know, that mindset stuff), you can shift from undercharging to charging your worth. Huge opportunity right here for you.

The Next Steps

Focus on the benefits of what you offer:

Two calls per month with you? Cool.

The benefit is what those two calls give to your client.

Those two calls give your client personalized attention on their life, their business, their health. Those two calls mean that the client will stay on track and actually achieve the results that they want. Those two calls mean that your client isn’t ever alone and has your support, always. Those two calls mean that your client can spend less time worrying about what to do or what to eat and instead spend time with their family.

Zero in on the transformation that you provide:

I teach my clients how to build a business that they love and that supports their lifestyle while working part-time hours. I teach them how to easily attract more clients and make more money (and a bigger impact!). What is a transformation like that worth to you? (Ask that same question to your clients and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!)

Stop making it about YOU and start making it about your happy dance client.

Which statement above plagues you the most?

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