5 Tips to Help You Maximize Your Small Business Profits

By , The Turnaround Coach

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Janis Pettit - The Turnaround Coach

Most small and solo business owners don’t begin to see the profit potential in their business. If you own a small or solo business, I’m sure you had a big dream when you started. You may have seen a life of doing what you enjoy with no boss telling you what to do. You may have seen an opportunity to take a brilliant idea and turn it into an ideal lifestyle.

Whatever your dream was, it certainly included making the most of your business. Here are just a few tips that can help you be more successful than 90% of your competitors:

1.   Easily get referrals and testimonials from every client.  At the moment when your clients are happiest with your services, systematically ask them for referrals. One idea is to have them fill out a brief customer survey. On the survey, ask them to list other people they know who are facing similar challenges as they were when they purchased from you. Ask them if you can turn their survey answers into a testimonial and use their name and website. Don’t forget to also ask if there is anything you could have done better.

2.  Increase the dollar value of every client. Before you sell your main product or service, determine a strategy for getting your client to buy from you again. This could be a second-generation product, an add-on, an upgrade, a complimentary product, or an affiliate product.

3.  Maximize your website. Make your website more than a boring online brochure. Make it interactive with a mailing list sign-up form, testimonials on each page, giveaways, free information that establishes you as an expert, an active blog, audio and/or video. Once you’ve gotten a visitor there, you want to convert them to a hot lead and then into a paying client.  Otherwise your website is just collecting cyberdust out in cyberspace.

4.  Create passive income streams through creative joint ventures. Find new vertical industries where your ideas and knowledge are truly needed and would be of great value. Then form a joint venture with someone who has access to lots of people in that industry and who would endorse your offering for a percentage of the sales. There are so many other ways to form joint ventures that can generate a steady stream of passive income.

5.  Maximize your time. Calculate how many hours you work in a week. Then set a goal to use 80% of that time on lead generation and profit creating activities. You’ll be amazed at the results. You’ll outperform your competitors by a mile. Outsource the other stuff. You’re worth it!

This gives you an overview of just a few of the proven profit creation strategies you can implement in your small, solo or home based business to create a solid 6 figure income.

Janis Pettit is known as the Big Results Business Design coach and marketing expert.  She’s owned four successful small businesses and, since 2002 has coached hundreds of small and solo business owners, helping them discover the most direct model and strategies to convert their ideas and knowledge into a high income lifestyle business. Register for her FREE webinar: How to Get and Keep All the Clients You Need which includes a complimentary copy of the Create a Client Windfall Quick Start Guide at http://smallbusiness-bigresults.com. Blog: http://janispettit.com.

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