7 Client Attracting and Creative Ways to Use Testimonials

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A rich pool of testimonials covering all aspects of working with you – from specific products and programs to your personality, skills, and unique talents – will help potential clients feel inspired and confident making a “yes” decision to hire you as their coach… or to invest in your new program.

But testimonials don’t have to be limited to the traditional “I-loved-your-stuff-here’s-why” format.  Client success stories can also be used in a variety of ways that produce the same impact (and sometimes even a better one) as a testimonial.

Sometimes a single “sound bite” is all you need to make the point.  On the other hand, a great story that your ideal client can relate to will pull in readers and keep them engaged.

Ideally, you have a system for routinely collecting and updating testimonials and success stories. (IAWC Members — For some creative ways to get more feedback from clients, don’t miss the association print newsletter!)

As your database of testimonials grows, start looking for compelling and unique ways to use them throughout your business for maximum impact. Here are 7 creative ways you can use your testimonials to attract new, ideal clients:

#1 – In Email Signatures or Article Footers

A single, short, powerful testimonial, followed by a link to your website and/or the product/program/service being referenced is a fantastic way to highlight your work in every email that you send.

Also use this format in the footer or signature section of articles that you post on online article databases.

#2 – In Products, Including Free Offers

Testimonials within a product can be for the product itself – which is great for when people are browsing your materials in person. You can also use testimonials that highlight other content you offer to encourage add-on sales. If your products are already produced, add a printed “flyer” in the shipping box.

#3 – In Welcome Letters (Autoresponders and Traditional Mail)

The welcome letter is an often overlooked opportunity for marketing yourself and/or specific content. Keep it simple and rotate the content frequently. The point is to either reinforce the decision they made to give you their contact information (“Oh good, others are happy they signed up. This was a good idea”) or to suggest “get started” products and services.

#4 – As a Case Study

Even if you only have a few compelling client success stories, consider publishing them as case studies in a separate section of your website. Case studies are most effective when they provide the details of significant and specific results the client had from working with you or from using one of your products.

#5 – As the Basis for an Article

Unique client success stories that clearly illustrate a specific teaching point are wonderful when used as the foundation of a blog post or article. Stick to offering tips and the marketing point will be made subtly.

#6 – As an Audio or Video Interview

Clients who are engaging and well spoken are ideal for interviewing in a “live” format that really brings home the impact of your work for prospective clients. Videos in particular are hot marketing tools. A Q&A format or an unscripted intimate conversation are two particularly potent formats for coaching success stories.

#7 – Creatively Displayed On Your Website

Let your imagination soar when it comes to website design. Testimonials are such an important part of the selling process that it’s worth it to create an eye-catching, brand-enhancing presentation that makes them stand out. Plus people love seeing their words (and images) displayed with fabulous design, which will encourage others to submit their testimonials as well.

There are so many ways to incorporate testimonials into your marketing! Also consider using them in press releases, speaker sheets, on the backs of business cards, on your Facebook business page, in video collages. And virtually every page of your website can support a client testimonial of some kind.

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