A Holiday Sale Can Infuse Your Pocketbook with More Profits

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If you are looking for a way to increase profits during the holiday season (and who isn’t?), why not hold a sale. A quick sale is a great way to gain instant revenue for your  business while at the same time, putting your best marketing strategy foot forward.

A successful holiday quick sale will not only make your products available at a low, low price, but it can also give you access to prospects who have been on the fence in investing in your products and services. Essentially, it allows a potential customer to ‘try you out’ at a low price. If they like what they get – and you continue to nurture your relationship with them, they will likely become long term customers.

To provide them with the incentive to get off the fence, you need to create a sense of urgency, showing them that there’s a clear advantage for customers who take invest in your sale right away.  You need to put together an offer on a product (or products) that’s irresistible to start with, which usually means selling it at an unheard of, almost ‘insane’ price. Then to get them to buy immediately, you need to make the price you’ve set available for an very short amount of time.  Think of it this way: extreme discount for an extremely limited time.

Essentially you assemble a holiday offer that SOOO tempting prospects would be crazy not to invest. Then add the motivation that the price is only available for a few days. It simply becomes a ‘no-brainer.’ (And yes, I hate that term as it’s used in Internet marketing WAY too often, but for this type of sale, it just fits.)

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