Are You Teflon or Velcro? Visibility Tips That Stick

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Of course you want big time visibility for your business, you want to be the Go-To person in your field…

But are your actions supporting fleeting “Teflon” visibility where you’re hot one minute then slip out of site the next; or do you want “Velcro” visibility where you’re IT and you stick?

I’m here to make the case for Velcro Visibility, where your actions create a visibility strategy that sticks. Many people are teaching ways to get your name in front of the masses, but without a solid foundation they’re going to slide away like a fried egg on a teflon pan.

Here are my tips for visibility that sticks:

1. Ground yourself in credibility.
Credibility is what your entire visibility strategy must be based on. Social media has created internet superstars who are famous for being famous. If you’re in business, you need more than fame. You need third party verification that you’re the expert you say you are. Collect case studies, testimonials, media spots, and other outside sources who can honestly attest to your talents, skills, and abilities.

2. Make “Provide Value” Your Mantra
Instead of opening up Facebook and saying, “Hmmmm, how am I going to make money off these people today?”, shift your approach to “How can I add value to my network?” Think of things you can share, say, or do that will make being your friend a huge value and show people that your contributions are worth paying attention to. If it’s all “Me, me, me”, you’re not providing value. If you rant without reason, you’re not providing value. What is it that your followers want? How can you be part of them getting that?

3. Trust Sells
We buy from people we know, like, and trust. When we ground our actions in credibility and provide value, then we create trust. Constantly pitching doesn’t build trust, it builds resistance. Never making any offers is too extreme on the other side- so you need to find a balance between letting people know how they can buy from you while providing them with valuable information that will make them want to keep paying attention to you.

Whether you’re trying to build a list, get speaking engagements, fill a live event, or simply get a few new clients, you want to take the Velcro approach with your visibility marketing. That way, you’re going to stay in front of buyers and develop a long term – and very profitable- relationship.

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