Your Business & the Journey Within

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Amunet Burgueno - Intuitive Business & Confidence Coach

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart! You pour all your desires into your business, take action, and then promptly hit a wall. You may break through that wall, stretch yourself to your next goal, and then BAM, you hit the wall again.

lifestyle concept - beautiful happy woman enjoying summer outdoors/your business & the journey withinWhether you realize this or not, your business is your best therapist, because it’s pulling up all your emotional baggage.

You may have thought “Why bother trying because it probably won’t work anyway,” or “Who will listen to what I have to say, because there are people doing what I do right now who are better (prettier, smarter, etc.) than I am.”

These are signs that inner work is needed to excel in your business, and get off the income roller coaster.

Inner work represents self-awareness and inner healing.

Healing is such a loaded word to many people, and it can be perceived in various ways. From a spiritual perspective, healing is simply allowing the spiritual part of you that is ever present to begin to present itself and shine through, releasing the programming that has built up since your birth.

From a physical perspective, it is a release of patterns held in the physical body, which allows your body to move into a state of wholeness.

Healing takes place in you when you are in a place of receiving.

When people have had it in their life, they turn to healing work and are more receptive to it, because it’s usually their last hope.

That is when the real work begins. They put on the foil hat and say, “Let’s go!”

I have suffered severe abuse in my life. At a time when I was in crisis, I was seeing a therapist to help me through my crap.

She was very gifted and knew about energy healing, and offered to work with my energy at the session. When she started, I immediately contracted and began to feel fear.

I was simply not ready for this type of work, as it was too far outside of my reality at that time, and I was not in receiving mode for that type of work.

Looking back, I wished I jumped in, but it was just not the right time for me.

It was such a foreign concept to me at the time to do “inner work” that wasn’t just talking about my problems, and I had avoided my emotions to such a large degree that I was completely reactive to situations, people, and life as a whole.

I felt like I could barely exist in my own skin, and I wanted a way out, but I had no idea what that might be.

So, here’s the deal: self-healing takes courage.

It requires that you step outside of your comfort zone and be willing to not know who you are without all your baggage. Who you’ll be when you reach your goals as an entrepreneur.

This can be really scary because you may have identified with your pain or patterns so much that you may think, “Who would I be if I didn’t feel like this or act like this?”

This is what usually keeps people holding onto their pain, the suffering continues, and it shows up in your business as lack of money and stuck-ness.

Right now, you may be experiencing a lack of self-confidence, you may second guess yourself frequently, or you may feel like your thoughts and emotions are controlling you.

You may have an “inner committee” in your mind that constantly badgers you with thoughts that you aren’t worthy, lovable, or good enough, which directly prevents you from taking confident aligned action in your business.

You may want to develop your intuition, but you lack the confidence to move forward with what feels right for you because your mind is filled with chatter.

These markers are telling you that there is self-healing to be explored within.

I know because I had all of them, and then some. I’ve been there and made my way out, and so can you.

There are many roads to self-healing, and no one road is better than the other.

Anything that helps you move towards health and wholeness is a very good thing.

Some ways are faster than others, and some help to move an individual out of duality and into their spiritual self. This is where you can listen to what your soul has been trying to say to you, to make the impact you’ve been wanting.

This is where the magic comes in – releasing the programming, stopping from living reactively, and moving into wholeness.

What you are left with is your spiritual self that shines through you, and you share your light with others, and create a real change here on our planet.

The truth is that you are whole and completely right in this very moment. It’s simply a matter of releasing the layers of life that are hiding this truth from you.

  • How would it feel to get off the income roller coaster?
  • How would it feel to make lightning fast decisions in your life and business, and trust?
  • How would it feel to reach your goals, and are you ready to take the right action?

Life is short and the time is right now.



Amunet Bergueno helps successful conscious women have unstoppable confidence & create consistent cash flow in their business! As an intuitive business coach, master hypnotist, & HypnoCoach® (think – coaching on steroids!) who uses hypnosis and energy healing (like Reiki), as well as her intuitive abilities, Amunet has seen her client’s lives and businesses transform. Amunet has had the privilege of walking along side women just like you, on their journey towards their authentic awesome selves, and seeing them reach their goals, gain self-confidence, have a healthy self-esteem, and break through their income ceiling and create the life and impact they want. Visit her website and sign up for her free ebook, Do You Look Like a Success, But Feel Like a Failure?

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