Content Development: The Repurposing Law of 3

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Content development takes time – especially if you’re creating all of it yourself. As a solo-entrepreneur you must become a master at leverage. That’s the only way you’ll reach your goals.

“The Repurposing Law of 3” is one way to leverage by maximizing your content impact, while minimizing the time it takes. It simply means that every piece of content you create must be used in at least 3 different ways.

Every piece.

Here are some simple ways to apply The Repurposing Law of 3 to your own content:

Example #1

Original content: a blog post

The Repurposing Law of 3:

1. Create an audio version to be posted on your website.
2. Create an audio version and publish it as a podcast.
3. Add it to a collection of blog posts and turn it into an ebook or special report.

Example #2

Original content: a webinar you led and recorded

The Repurposing Law of 3:

1. Take your key points and use them as individual, snappy blog posts.
2. Create a transcript to accompany the recording, and sell it as a digital home-study product.
3. Use the questions from participants to create additional blog posts.

Example #3

Original content: a special report you give away on your site

The Repurposing Law of 3:

1. Expand on the ideas to create an ebook.
2. Turn it into a Kindle book, taking advantage of the Amazon marketing machine.
3. Create a powerpoint slideshow covering the information included in your report and turn it into a video. (And you don’t even have to appear on screen if you don’t want!)

Applying The Repurposing Law of 3 to every piece of content you develop not only makes it possible for people with different learning styles to access your wisdom, it also leverages your efforts and makes it easier to create and publish more content.

Once you start doing this on a regular basis, it will become as easy as 1-2-3!

Nina East is usually described as being ahead of her time, and not at all what you would expect. She has had multiple careers and businesses - often described as a serial entrepreneur or serial expert. In addition to running two online companies, Nina has been a leadership and personal development trainer, a published author, the director of student development at a liberal arts university, a manager of a traditional retail store, the lead certifier for the International Association of Coaching, the senior trainer at the world's largest coach training program, a motorcycle safety instructor, and a firewalk instructor!

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