Copywriting Tip: Why Double Headlines Work

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Your headline is the first thing that potential prospects and customers see. In fact, it may be the only thing they see if the headline doesn’t accomplish its job.

What’s the job of a headline? Well, its primary job is to attract attention and motivate someone to read the first paragraph. It is then the job of the first paragraph (or two) to motivate the reader to continue reading the rest of the copy. But let’s get back to the headline because without a good headline, nothing else happens.

Copywriters Love Headline Formulas

Headlines can be difficult to write. Some of this is due to the immense pressure a copywriter puts on themselves to create high converting sales pages. It’s almost a competition to see how effective a sales page can be. Formulas or headline templates help make the job just a bit easier and as a copywriter you can work with the formula to come up with a top-notch, and profitable, headline.

One proven headline formula is called the double headline. A double headline is essentially two headlines together. Each headline could almost, almost, stand alone. Let’s take a look at a few double headlines:

Double Headline #1

FREE Special Report shows landlords how to increase your cash flow and profits…from every investment property you own!

Rental Property Management Secrets for Landlords is yours FREE when you sign up for the FREE Weekly Landlord Advisor

Double Headline #2

Why Some Men and Women Look and Feel “Old” at 50, While others are Healthy, Fit, and Spry Well into their 90s and Beyond!

Now you can live to a ripe old age… sound in mind and body, vibrant with good health and energy… without being sucked into a never-ending cycle of frailty, pain, drugs, surgery, and illness leading to an early grave.

(Both headlines are written by Bob Bly and are available for further study on his website

**Notice a few things. The first is that the headline is separated by nothing more than punctuation. Sometimes people separate them by positioning the more powerful headline, the first one, above the second headline and by altering the font so that one stands out just a touch more than the second.

The second thing to notice is that the first headline is usually the stronger headline. It’s the one that can stand alone. This is important because the first headline sets the tone and convinces a reader to take a second glance through curiosity, emotions, and some powerful language – like the word FREE.

The second headline makes a promise or provides an incentive. You can reverse the system too. The first headline might make a promise and the second headline could arouse curiosity, provide compelling data, or some other copywriting technique. The point is that the double headline utilizes two different headline methods to create a super-powered headline.

Try this technique with your next sales page and enjoy the results.

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