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Want your free report to stand out, become viral and make you more money, without much effort? The key is to create something that build buzz… something that people really want to share with others.

So how do you do it? How do you make your report viral – and profitable?

1) Build a better mousetrap

Take a popular problem, then solve it better than anyone else in your industry. Then give it away in your report for free.

You don’t have to solve a big problem. If you sell information for a living, such as coaches or consultants, you’ll naturally need to keep some solutions just for paying audiences. However, you can still solve small problems better than anyone else.

If you are copywriter, perhaps you could publish a report on five quick fixes to your website to make it sell more.  You won’t go into how to write sales copy, but your report will instantly help anyone who’s currently struggling.

My own report shares the top secrets to stop leaving money on the table in your business. It gives some unusual ideas, but because it is a report, the step-by-step how-tos are not included.

2) It’s gotta be fun and interesting -even with serious topics

Nobody’s going to pass a dry and boring document along to a friend, even if they really enjoy it. If you want your free report to go viral, make sure it’s a great read.

First, remember you are not writing a college dissertation. Keep the fluff and big-words-to-show-off out of it. You want to write it for your audience’s readability level. Note that the average America reads on a grade school level, even if they have a PhD!

And don’t forget to add a sense of humor. Give them facts that they would have never guessed (like the one I did above about the average reader). Add pictures that give your report color. Express your personality rather than just present information.

Make sure your report is well laid out. You should have a header and a footer graphic, as well as a stellar cover page.

3) Make it super-simple to pass it along.

Throughout your report, encourage people to pass it along. Make it crystal clear that they have the right to pass it along, as long as they don’t change the contents. Remember, you need to tell people what you want, so if you want something to go viral, you need to tell them to share it.

But what about the people who got this report from others and are not on your list? If you have links to other freebies and even your paid products and services, chances are you’ll get some prospects soon enough. And the others? They probably would never buy from you in the first place, so be grateful they have your free report and move onto prospects that can bring you more money.

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