Does Size Matter?

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Ahhh… you know it’s telesummit season when everyone and their sister sends you an email about:

    * how much they love your work
    * the incredible impact you make on the world
    * being a ‘heart-centered’ entrepreneur who shares your gifts openly

But there’s another thing that people are almost blatantly saying: you have a big list.

I know I’ve been getting that a lot.  At least four times in the past two weeks, there’s been some discussion about list size.

“I won’t invite anyone to speak who doesn’t have a list of 10,000 or more.

“You MUST send out at least X number of solo emails to your list”

“Collectively we’ll reach more than a million people with this event.”

Sure the money is in the list, but come on!  I KNOW this is just a one night stand for you.  You just want access to my list, plain and simple.

And frankly, that approach is completely off base.

I’m here to say size does not matter.  It’s the magic in the list that’s much more important.

Some ‘gurus’ suggest growing your own list by hooking up with those who have large lists.  This may sound good on the surface, but – trust me – you’ll regret it in the morning.

I used to be an obsessive list builder.  I whored myself out any way I could to grow it.  And guess what?  I had a lot of people on my list who never converted into customers.

But once I took a step back, I realized I didn’t need to reach millions of people in order to make sales.  I needed a list of the a RIGHT people.

When I invite partners to participate in my Be Heard Day giveway (which is coming up next month), I never, ever ask about list size.  I really don’t care about it.  What I want is people I respect, can provide something interesting to my audience, and have a similar target market.

And making demands about sending out emails at certain days and times?  Personally, demands make me rebel big time, so I would never ask that of my partners.  These people are professionals.  They know their business and their audience best.  I expect them to do their part, but in a way that their market wants.  So I give tons of content for them to ‘cherry pick’ from.

I guess the key question is: do you want your list to be about numbers or about customers.  If your answer is that you want customers, then you need to focus on building relationships.  You need to build your relationships with your audience and also with the people you are approaching to help build your list.  So the answer to the question in my title is that relationships matter more than size.

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