Finding Time to Dance with Change: Coordinate Your Intuition with Your Calendar

By , The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time in periods of change and transition requires reestablishing balance.  This is a skill that you can develop and hone for yourself.  As you bring more intentionality to the process of managing change, what might start as a stagger can evolve into a dance!

Dancing, of course, is a joyful coordination of left foot and right foot. In the same way, dancing with change requires having your right brain intuition and left brain logic work in harmony.

I’d like to explore how to use your calendar to coordinate your intuitive overview with logistical demands.

Interestingly, that standardized grid of a calendar is a wonderful partner to intuition. That’s because it provides you with an overview that helps you perceive and ultimately coordinate developing rhythms.  Here are some ways that you can frame this for yourself:

  • Try color-coding your projects as you schedule individual action steps. This makes them easier to pick out.
  • Which tasks recur cyclically?
  • How much time does each step take?

The evolving pattern of emerging and receding demands forms the dance of your priorities. To pin things down for yourself and get specific about how you will be using your time, note on your calendar when each project must claim precedence and for how long.

Here are a few final tips to consider as you dance through change:

  • Along with chunking down projects into action steps, make liberal use of soft deadlines.
  • Color-coding is really a wonderful (and powerful) tool to incorporate into your repertoire.  It helps you conduct quick scans and avoid logjams.
  • The more you befriend your calendar and dance with your priorities, the more flow you can enjoy.
  • And while you are at it, remember to schedule in time to recharge your batteries. Then, your calendar supports your overall well-being as well as your productivity.

Paula Eder, PhD is an internationally-known coach and published author who specializes in mentoring heart-based entrepreneurs and small business owners, from the inside out, to align their core values and energy with their time choices and behaviors so that they make more money, create more freedom, and find more time.  To learn more about Paula’s unique, Heart-Based Time Management™ System and begin your transformational journey, sign up for her Finding Time Success Kit. Discover how you can find time for what matters most.

© Copyright 2012 Paula Eder, Ph.D.

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