Five Landing Page Strategies So You Convert Leads Like Crazy

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Your landing page is the first place prospects see you on the web. So, you want to make sure you grab their attention immediately, to keep them reading rather than clicking away to the next site.

The following landing page strategies come from the way I have created our own landing pages, which has been very successful. I’m going to share how I have done it with you and you can make adjustments so the tips apply to your business.

1. Start with your pull marketing questions to grab attention. Your ideal clients will answer “Yes” to each of these questions. In addition, these questions begin to develop interest, trust, and credibility among prospects.

2. Write a paragraph to reassure prospects nothing is wrong with them. You are letting them know there is no need to worry. You might say something like, “If you’re anything like me, you weren’t born with a silver spoon of marketing in your mouth. The good news is marketing can be taught.”

3. Tell prospects what they need to do and why. This is where you help prospects start to understand what they need to do to turn things around. Keep the focus on the “what and why” and hold off on exactly how to do it. This will create a need to work with you – to find out more.

4. Briefly describe your proprietary system. Take prospects through a brief description of your system. You can do this on the landing page or take visitors to a separate page. It all depends on how your website is set up. Either way, you can take the visitor step by step through the top line of your system.

5. Explain how you work with clients. If you don’t have your proprietary system yet, then your next step is to describe how you work with people so they can get comfortable with the idea of what you have to offer.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

The best thing you can do when writing your landing page copy, is to get it all down on paper first. Let your thoughts pour out following these five steps. Once that is complete, then you can start to edit. Use bullets and short sentences to make the text easier to read. Remember, a visitor’s attention span is very short, so you want your text to be compelling and grab their attention as quickly as possible.

Fabienne Fredrickson is the founder of Boldheart® and (formerly The Client Attraction Business School and Originally celebrated for the creation of The Client Attraction System®, Fabienne’s company has repeatedly been ranked by Inc. magazine as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. She is the author of the upcoming book, The Leverage Mindset: How overwhelmed 6-figure business owners reach 7 figures (and gain their life back).

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