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You already know that content is an essential component to your business efforts. It accomplishes many essential tasks for your business. Content informs website visitors. It promotes and markets your business. Content also drives traffic to your website and builds relationships. However, you may not have considered how content can generate referrals.

Take a look at what you can do to improve your content for more referrals.

Co-Written Content

Co-written content or co-created content is an information piece that you create with a referral partner. This type of content can be tricky because it needs to be relevant to your audience and their audience too. However, when you can both get together to create an informative and valuable product, you’ll be able to market the heck out of it and generate tons of referrals.

For example, you might work with a referral partner to write a short eBook. Not only can you market that eBook on amazon and other publishing sites, you can both market the book on your blogs, websites, and social media pages. In the eBook, which you’re presumably giving away for free, you’re marketing your business and your referral partner is making income from every new customer sent your way. It can be quite lucrative for the both of you. And you don’t have to write an eBook to see the benefits. Articles, videos, and short reports can accomplish the same thing.

Invited Contentpassive

Another potential opportunity to generate referrals with content is to create an event. Your referral partner might, for example, host a webinar where you’re the keynote speaker. You have the opportunity to provide information and value to their audience. At the same time, your referral partner is going to have the opportunity to earn good profits from every new customer sent your way from the event.

Webinars, seminars, and online educational opportunities all provide a means to create this type of invited or sponsored content. It’s a great way to reach out to a new audience and generate business.

Syndicated Content

Another opportunity to generate referrals with better content is to provide syndicated content to specific referral partners. You write the content and they can republish it in their newsletters or autoresponders. The syndicated content provides your referral partner with content to share with their audience. It boosts their credibility and opportunity for profit. You gain new customers and a happy referral partner.

Each time you can provide a referral partner with quality content it gives them marketing power and the tools they need to send business your direction. Choose your referral partners wisely and reward them well. They can be the key to helping your customer base grow.

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