Getting Blog Post Comments: Are Your Blog Posts “Commentable”?

By , Founder of The Land of Brand: Branding Strategist and Website Designer

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Holly Chantal - Founder of The Land of Brand: Branding Strategist and Website Designer

You’re working hard, blogging regularly, and you’re starting to see traffic, but no one’s commenting.  What gives?  Building a community around your blog can be pretty frustrating in the beginning, and even if you’re doing everything right it can still take time.  The good news is that once you start getting your first comments, getting more comments gets easier. No one likes to be the first person to raise their hand. So let’s talk about how to get those first comments by making sure your blog post is “commentable”.

In this post I’d like to go beyond the common suggestion you’ll hear which is to “ask for comments” in your posts.  I do believe every post should have a call to action, just like your webpages themselves should. If your blog posts aren’t “commentable” readers aren’t going to find it easy to weigh in and you aren’t going to be able to build the active community of your blogging dreams.  So here are some ideas for you.

Don’t be a know it all

Your blog should be content driven, and when you’re writing content you want to solve you’re reader’s problems and give them actionable ideas that they can take away.  The purpose of your blog is to establish yourself as an expert, and it does this effectively.  If you want comments from your readers just make sure that you are leaving room for their ideas.  If you appear like a “know it all” then people may be afraid to add their own advice, and if you cover ALL of the bases then there might not be something others can add. It’s a good idea to offer a few great points in your post, and then ask for more.  Save the rest for another post, this will also help you keep your content going, and not overwhelm your readers with posts that are too long.

Have an opinion

Great discussions can start just from offering an opinion and asking for other view points. Offering an opinion on a topic that is relevant to your target market is another great way to show off your expertise, and establish yourself as an authority in your field. You might offer your opinion on a certain type of software, or a method for accomplishing a  task. I would stay away from offering opinions on socially charged issues, unless of course that is what your blog is about and what your readers want to hear.  Asking for other opinions in your post is a great way for your readers to weigh in and start a great conversation.

Be relevant

This might seem like “duh” advice, but make sure that what you are writing is relevant to your target market.  If what you’re writing isn’t something that is going to help them solve a problem, or learn more about your topic then they are going to lose interest.  Sometimes as an expert writer it can be easy to get hung up on writing about topics that are of interest to YOU instead of your target market.  Obviously these can go hand in hand, but make sure that what you write about isn’t relevant to other professionals in your field, but rather to those that you serve.

There you have just a few of the ways to make your blog posts easy to comment on. Asking for comments is great advice, but make sure that your blog post is also written to be a conversation starter.

Holly Chantal is the founder of The Land of Brand™, a truly comprehensive and unique website design and branding company. And she is the creator of the revolutionary Branding Game™, which is a whole new way of looking at and experiencing brand creation.  Visit The Land of Brand™ and discover the 4 steps to creating your 6 figure brand in our free video ecourse!

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