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It’s so difficult to brag. It just feels wrong and we certainly don’t like to listen to other people toot their own horn however being able to do so successfully can mean the difference between making a sale or not. It can make the difference between forging a partnership or not and it can make the difference between establishing your credibility and authority, or not.

So how do you toot your own horn successfully?

#1 The first step is to acknowledge your brag worthy accomplishments. What makes you great?  What have you accomplished?  What are you skilled at or knowledgeable about?  Make a list and get comfortable with the idea of talking about them. Consider practicing talking about your successes in front of a mirror.

#2  Choose the right time. It’s not always appropriate to toot your own horn and sometimes people are more interested in talking about themselves than listening to you, that’s when you practice your listening skills and ask plenty of open ended questions to get them excited and talking. Sometimes an opportunity to talk about an accomplishment of skill will open up. If it feels appropriate and relevant, go for it but keep it short.

#3  Practice brevity. Tooting your own horn isn’t about talking for hours about yourself, it’s about sharing your accomplishments in a concise and relevant manner. A great way to share your successes is to tell a story, hopefully a story that relates or can be tied into the conversation you’re having and doesn’t seem random or intentional.

#4  When using your accomplishments to help market your business, use them in a press release, your about me page, or as recent news updates on your blog, ezine, website and social networking communications. It’s perfectly acceptable to share your successes with your audience. If you can tie a promotion into those successes, all the better. For example, To celebrate my Nobel Peace Prize I’m announcing a sweepstakes. The winner will win once all expenses paid trip to Norway. Of course, this is an exaggerated example but you get the point.

#5  Finally, if you’re talking to a person, face to face, be sure to share the wealth and compliment them on their accomplishments, successes and achievements.

Tooting your own horn is an essential way to help establish your credibility and authority however, you have to be able to do so without sounding like a braggart. No easy feat but with a little preparation, careful attention to the person you’re speaking to and a good sense of timing, tooting your own horn can become as natural as complimenting others. And always use your accomplishments to market your business online.

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